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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Arrested for Traffic Violation, Black Woman Ends Up DEAD in TX Gulag!

The horror never ends, it doesn't even seem to pause.

On Friday July 10th 2015, an Illinois woman named Sandra Bland was unjustly arrested in Texas, following an alleged traffic violation. Three days later on Monday July 13th, she was found dead in her jail cell. Local officials claimed it was "suicide". If you believe that for even a moment, you're a goddamned FOOL!

Having grown up in Naperville, IL, 28 year old Sandra Bland was driving in Waller County, TX on June 10th. The area is about 60 miles northwest of Huston. That drive would prove to be fatal. Bland was heading to a job interview for a college outreach counselor position at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M University, when she was pulled over for an allegedly failing to signal during lane change (a misdemeanor, typically punishable by a citation and an inconveniencing court date). The police OFFICIAL version of events is as follows:

"On Friday June tenth 2015, Miss Bland was pulled over by Waller County state trooper[name redacted] for failure to signal during a lane change. Miss Bland suddenly became combative and assaulted trooper[name redacted]. Miss Bland was then arrested and taken to Waller County jail to await a court appearance. On Monday June 13th, the female suspect was found dead in her cell of an apparent suicide, with a plastic bag around her neck".

And that's it. They actually expect the public, as well as Bland's family and friends, to believe that garbage. Bland's "mysterious" death has been seriously questioned by many people, with very good reason. And her case is gaining international attention. Mainstream/corporate media have made a particularly big deal over reports that Bland had claimed to experienced depression and PTSD earlier in the year. But family members and friends close to her insist that she was simply vending after a rough day. Plus, there seems to be no indication that Bland had ever attempted to harm herself. And what sense does it make that a 28 year old woman, on her way to a job interview at her old college (from which she is a 2009 graduate) just decides to "hang herself" over a traffic arrest??? And aside from this clear case of a jailhouse lynching, many people are questioning just WHY Bland would end up in jail over a weekend... over a simple traffic stop in the first place!

Bland's family has ordered an autopsy - independent of the initial autopsy/cover-up performed by a Waller County coroner. As it should be of absolutely NO surprise, Waller County, TEXAS itself has a deep and rich history of racism. So far, the identity of the pig who arrested Bland has been withheld, but it's safe to assume that the bastard is White. Bland was Black of course. So her unjust arrest, the false charge of assaulting an officer, and her DEATH have all fallen under national scrutiny. Especially in light of recent events involving police interactions with People of Color. In fact, Bland herself was an outspoken activist in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, having posted several videos of herself giving commentary to [other] national cases of police murder and terrorism (little must she have known of her own fate to come). 

This is an on-going story so much more is to come. Rest in peace Sandra...


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