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Friday, July 31, 2015

At Least 5 Black Women Dead in Jail This Month!

If you're a Black woman who was some how arrested during the month of July, thank the Gods you are still here. As the #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName movements have dutifully emphasized over the past year, a slow burning genocide against people of color - perpetrated by racist police terrorists, racist prosecutors and judges - has been underway for quite some time. The month of July 2015 has proven to have been especially deadly for women of color - at least 5 Black women have turned up dead in police custody this month. Most under "mysterious" circumstances (if not out right foul play). All are unacceptable!

Of course, the murder of 28 year old Sandra Bland in mid July has garnered international attention, and rightfully so. Arrested on Friday July 10th in Waller County, TX, Bland was found dead in her cell of an alleged "suicide" on Monday July 13th. But you might not be as aware of Kindra Chapman, a young 18 year old Black woman who was arrested in Homewood, AL on Tuesday July 14th (just one day after Bland's death/murder). Accused of stealing a cell phone, Chapman was found lynched in her jail cell within two hours of her arrest. Chapman's family was posting her bond, when her body was found.

Sandra Bland

Kindra Chapman

Raynetta Turner

Now there is news of a sixth Black woman who was killed while in police custody! As if we were not AWARE already, we now have an epidemic upon us!  

Here are the names of these six women:

Sandra Bland, 28 - alleged suicide (murder) in Waller County, Texas on Monday July 13th (possibly dead before then).
Alexis McGovern, 28 - died in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday July 17th, under "mysterious" causes. 
Raynetta Turner, 43 - died in Mount. Vernon, NY on Monday July 27th. Cause remains unknown.
Joyce Curnell, 50 - died in South Carolina on Thursday July 23rd, "mysterious" causes.
Ralkina Jones, 37 - died in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Arrested over a domestic dispute with husband on Friday July 24th, Jones was found unresponsive that following Sunday. Causes still unknown, but murder most likely. 
Kindra Darnell Chapman, 18 - suspected "suicide" in Homewood, Alabama on Tuesday July 14th, one day after Bland was also lynched while in custody. Chapman's dead body was found just two hours after her arrest.

ALL of these women were arrested on minor charges. In some cases, they should not have been arrested at all. In at least one case, bail had already been posted! And yet they all ended up DEAD, some how...

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