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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Black Cincinnati Motorist Murdered, White Cop INDICTED!

The horror continues with yet another senseless murder of a totally innocent Black man, at the filthy hands of a White cop! However, this particular act of police terror stands out for the rarity of its immediate outcome. The dirty, rotten-ass pig involved is actually facing murder charges!

On Sunday July 19th 2015 Samuel DuBose was driving in Cincinnati, OH when he was pulled over by a bastard-ass pig known as officer Ray Tensing. Tensing, 33, of the University of Cincinnati Police Gestapo (UCPG), had pulled DuBose over for allegedly not having a front license plate. Tensing grills Dubose about the plate, a bottle of alcohol lying on the passenger side floor, and demands to see a drivers license. Dubose says that the front tag was in the glove compartment and that the car is his wife's. He also hands Tensing the bottle of alcohol, which is clearly unopened. DuBose says that he may not have his license on him, but asks the cop to run his name instead. Up to this point the situation is relatively calm. Then suddenly (in typical cop behavior), Tensing becomes agitated and attempts to enter the vehicle - instantly ramping things up to a violent and fatal conclusion. Now knowing his life is in grave danger, DuBose turns on his car engine, at which point Tensing shoots him in the head.

The Honda Accord DuBose was driving sputters off for perhaps half a block, before coming to a stop on the sidewalk at the end of the block. The engine still running and surrounded by terrorist cops with guns drawn, DuBose is already dead. He was 43 years old.    

Sam DuBose pictured here. Rest In Peace...

REVENGE! Former officer Ray Tensing, pictured here.

Tensing LIES, claiming that he was nearly run over. He gives a slightly different story later on, claiming he was being dragged by the car. This isn't the first time these pigs have used such excuses. However, the body-mounted camera on Tensing's person contradicts his claims. Since released to the public and having gone viral, the body cam footage clearly shows Tensing shooting DuBose in the head while the car is still idle. By the time the car starts moving, its driver is already deceased. Tensing's safety was never in the least bit of danger. 

On Wednesday July 29th, now former officer Tensing was indicted for the senseless murder of Sam DuBose. A rare step in yet another case of a cop being caught up in his LIES! Three other cops on the scene that day are on paid leave/vacation. However, they are currently not facing criminal charges, even though they also LIED to cover Tensing's sorry ass. These worthless pigs have been identified as:
officer David Lindenschmidt
officer Phillip Kidd 
officer Eric Weibel

Lindenschmidt, Kidd, and Weibel were all taken off duty the following day after Tensing's indictment was announced. Tensing himself appeared in court that Thursday, in a black and white jail suit, and plead 'not guilty' to charges of felony murder and involuntary manslaughter. No word yet on whether the other cops will face charges for deliberately engaging in a cover-up

Another grieving family: Aubrey DuBose, brother to Sam DuBose, consoles their mother Audrey during a news conference.

Incredibly (but probably not surprisingly), Tensing was involved in another heated traffic stop just last year! It has been revealed that in May of 2014, thug Tensing pulled over two men - both Black. Tensing demands to see both their ids. One of those men, a passenger since identified as Demetrius Pace, asserted that it was his right to refuse id, as he was simply a passenger and was not accused of any crime (of which he was absolutely correct). Pace and driver Sexton Henley argue with Tensing, accusing him of harassing them and being 'incompetent' in general... OUCH! Tensing had reportedly pulled the men over because of a so-called "cracked bumper"... an aesthetic issue which otherwise is not known to impede a vehicle's performance, let along run afoul of any known traffic laws.  But such is very often the case when being racially targeted in police-occupied Cincinnati. Pace was also smart enough to have recorded the tense encounter on his mobile device. Eventually, Tensing's supervisor shows up and let's the two men go about their way, without charge. 

INCOMPETENT! Thug cop Tensing captured in this video still from a May 2014 stop, in which he attempts to deprive two other Black men of their rights, before a supervisor intervenes.

KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS! Cincinnati resident Demedrius Pace pictured here. Pace and cousin/driver Sexton Henley, were pulled over by (future killer) Tensing in May 2014 over an alleged "cracked bumper". Pace recorded the indecent - a wise move which likely aided in saving both his and Henley's lives on that day.

Not surprisingly, sack-of-shit cop Ray Tensing has a violent history. Hopefully, this dangerous criminal will be convicted for what he's done. Lock his ass away FOR LIFE! No possibility of parole. 

UPDATE/CORRECTION: It has been recently reported that an analysis was conducted on that supposed bottle of alcohol/gin that so peaked Tensing's interests in the first place. Turns out, the contents of the bottle were actually air freshener! An interesting detail to know, but ultimately is irrelevant. That bottle could have been filled with gin, air freshener, or rat poison - makes not a damned bit of difference. That fact is, Sam Dubose - like Sandra Bland before him and many others before them - were law-abiding citizens whom had done nothing wrong. These people were simply trying to get from one place to another, as every human being has the right to do. And yet, they were robbed of their right to be left alone, robbed of their humanity, and ultimately... robbed of their lives. 

No cop, no government agent employed to enforce the law, has the authority to simply murder someone over a pissant traffic violation! No cop has the authority to murder someone for asserting their rights! No cop has the authority to murder someone just for attempting to run away! Any cop who kills another person without just cause should be fired right away, charged with homicide, tried, and if convicted, sentenced accordingly!  

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