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Friday, August 21, 2015

Taking A Break...

Targeting Cops will be going on hiatus for, most likely, the remainder of the year. A busy life and a heavy job (with all that comes with that) are quite a lot, so thus, something has to go. Plus, attempting to keep up with even some of the police murders which take place in this wretched country every day has proven to be quite difficult. Not to mention following up on those cases. But all is not negative, as this also frees up time to take part in other creative endeavors. 

This is just a break, TC will be back. So long as police terrorists act out, there will be much to write about. Until then, consider this blog archived... but it is not going anywhere. Targeting Cops fears NO man, not even the FBI! As always, all comments will be allowed and occasionally even responded to. That goes for racist, cop-loving comments. Spam will be ruthlessly deleted.     

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