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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Murder of John Crawford: One Year Later

2014 was something of a watershed year for police killings in America. Not to say that 2014 was exceptional (it wasn't, not by a long shot) As homicides, vicious assaults, rapes, extortion, property destruction, and other crimes by gangster terrorist cops are a common occurrence here in this Hellhole of a country. Every day, every year, going back hundreds of years since American police forces first began their original roles as armed militias and slave-catchers. Government thugs, granted legal status and protection, with badges and vast weaponry to carry out all manner of state violence.  

What's left of 2015 will be marked by a series of grim milestones. July 17th marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of Eric Garner. August 9th shall mark the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's murder, which will be acknowledged here of course. But for now, we take time to remember John Crawford

On August 5th one year ago today, John Crawford the III was gunned down by by police thugs inside a Walmart store in Beavercreek, OH, as he went about his way shopping. Unlike in other police killings, no vague nuances exist here as to whether the victim allegedly ran afoul of the law, or minor traffic violation, or fled from police, disobeyed orders, got "uppity" or anything of the sort. Summoned by a racist cop-caller (since proven to be a LIAR), gang members of the Beavercreek Police Gestapo (BPG) opened fire within seconds of arriving in the store. They gave no orders, gave no allowance for Crawford to surrender himself, and displayed no concern for his life nor the lives of other people (including children) near by. These monsters (and make no mistake, the cops involved here are MONSTERS) simply executed him on the spot! John Crawford, 22, was doomed from the moment he left home on that day. He never had a change to survive, he just never had a chance. 

Even though Crawford's malice death by cops had largely been over-looked, at least on a national level - Targeting Cops has not ignored him. Several entries have been written him on here, including a report a grand jury's (predictable) failure to bring criminal indictments against the cops involved. That article can be read HERE. The most recent entry on Crawford' case was last month, as an update, and can be read HERE. Sadly, there was little news to have written about, other than an on-going civil suit by Crawford's family against the Beavercreek Police Terrorist regime, as well as the Walmart store at which Crawford's death had occurred.

Most of what you need to know about this case can be read in the links included above. There will also be a few links to key articles left at the end of this entry. For now, here are some more basics:

On that day, Crawford was reportedly toy-shopping for a young cousin when he picked up an unpackaged airsoft bb gun off the self in the toy ailse. Crawford was doing nothing the lest bit nefarious with this toy, other than holding it in his hand - as any shopper would. 

The two filthy cops who murdered Crawford are officers David M. Darkow and Sean C. Williams of the Beavercreek Police Terrorist regime. They were responding to a false 911 call made by another shopper. That cop-calling shooper is Ronald "Ty" Ritchie, an obese, racist neckbeard who has since admitted to knowingly LYING about Crawford having a weapon, loading it, and pointing it at others in the store. As officers Darkow and Williiams blew Craford away in a hail of bullets, a panic ensued and in that process another person named Angela Williams suffered a fatal heart attack. Williams, 37, and her two young children were the only other people in that toy aisle when cops opened fire. They were standing just mere yards away from Crawford and could just as easily have been shot themselves. Williams' death has since been ruled a homicide, along with that of Crawford's. 

This is where things in this case stand, one year later: police criminal thugs Williams and Darkow will never face criminal prosecution for taking John Crawford's life, nor directly causing the death of Angela Williams. And since Williams was the pig who fired the fatal shots, he was the only one who ever even faced a potential grand jury decision in the first place. The only (legal) recourse Crawford's family has had, was to file a federal civil suit against Beavercreek police terrorists, the city of Beavercreek, and the Walmart store in question. That suit was formally filed on December 16th 2014. It is unknown whether the family of A. Williams has initiated a similar wrongful death suit. To but frank, it has proven difficult to research any further info. regarding the deceased mother of two, and it appears that her surviving family has spent the last year stayed away from the media. Either that, or hardly anyone has bothered following up on this. A federal investigation is currently underway. The Cincinnati division of the FBI first launched their inquiry in the wake of last year's grand jury decision not to indict any of the pigs involved in Crawford's murder. The fed's probe into the shooting is embarking on a year. Yet, the head of Ohio's g-man branch - Angela Byers - has provided no details nor updates on the case. 

Pig Sean Williams has remained on desk duty since he gunned down Crawford last August. His dept. has said they will make a decision on the killer cop's fate, once that snail's pace of an FBI investigation is complete... whenever the Hell that will be. Until then, Williams will continue to enjoy his year's long paid vacation, with the full backing of his union and their lawyers. Pig David Darkow is unfortunately back on the streets, and remains as much a public menace as ever. Meanwhile, the Crawford family and supporters have commemorated the one-year anniversary of his murder. 

As for the racist sack-of-shit who called 911 in the first place...
... Many issues with this case remain frustratingly unresolved. Many questions remains unanswered. Among a few of those questions is:

- Why would Crawford, with a fucking bb gun, have been soo hastily shot in an otherwise open and carry state?

- Why has there been soo little media attention on this, one of the most egregious cases of police murder in 2014?

- And why has obese neckbeard Ronald Ritchie NOT been arrested and charged with (at the very least) filing a false 911 report and lying to police YET??? This coward has the blood of two innocent people on his hands, yet he has (thus far) managed to elude all responsibility. Ritchie's exact whereabouts are unknown at this point, as he like remains in hiding. There has been a renewed call for Ritchie to be prosecuted, however. 

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