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Monday, October 17, 2016

Portland Gestapo Brutilize Activists After Police Contract Vote at City Hall

First off, HAPPY OCTOBER! As belated as that is. First posting of the month and I know how late in it is. This and the next several entries will be short and bitter, as your humble, revolutionary, Left-of-Che, anti-American, cop-hating, terrorist sympathizer finds her/himself short on time these dark days. So here it is, and as always... more to come.  

Portland Police Gestapo (PPG) brutalize and pepper spray BLM activists outside City Hall on October 12th 2016, after City Council pushed through problematic police contract. This act of police terrorism was picked up by the international press. That means the eyes of the world are on this, GOOD! Dramatic raw footage of wild cops suppressing citizens can be seen HERE. More info. can be found on Portland Indy Media HERE.

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