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Friday, January 20, 2017

Out-Right Fascist Ascends WH, As Cops Unleash Orgy Of Violence!

Told you so. 

As master criminal Donald J. Trump takes the White House in a notorious coup d'etat, police gestapo units predictably overstep bounds and brutalize peaceful citizens who refuse to except this 'new normal'. Taking ques from their new "commander-in-chief", authoritarians have gleefully engaged in human rights abuses in cities all over the country. In Washington D.C., more than 200 people were arrests by the Gestapo following many skirmishes. A limousine was set ablaze, which was nice.

Here in Portland, OR, citizens burned American flags as they prepared themselves for whatever cops had in store. Several thousand had reportedly gathered in down town Portland today to defy the new "president". Cops used pepper spray on non-violence marchers as they attempted to cross Burnside bridge. Numerous arrests were made. Meanwhile, anti-Trump actions have been taking place all over the world. In The Philippines for example, citizens gathered outside the U.S. embassy in the capital Manila to also burn American flags and voice opposition to Trump.  

More to be reported as the weekend progresses. This entry will be updated...


Update 7:57pm 1/20:
Got word form source that Neo-Nazis form out of town are dressing up as Black Bloc, causing trouble in dt Portland. No confirmation on this, as of yet.   

Update 9:29pm 1/20:
Portland Gestapo using flash bang grenades, tear gas, and other "crowd control" devices to corral and harass non-violent protesters in dt. Also, Trimet/MAX either shutting down, or limiting services in dt area. 

Update 8:41 pm 1/21:
At least 100,000 in attendance for Women's March in down town Portland! A massive turnout that this city probably hasn't seen since prior to Iraqi invasion in 2003. Would have been nice to have seen a lot more People of Color present. However, low turnout for them is understandable.   

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