Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Horse DIES After Tied Up by Denver Cop, Forgotten

The sheer cruelty of so-called "law enforcement" knows no bounds... humanly of otherwise. We all know just how evil cops can be when it comes to animals. A cop won't think twice about shooting a barking dog (or a sitting, quiet dog for that matter) for no other reason than getting his sadistic rocks off. It's such a common problem nationwide, that there's even a FaceBook page dedicated to dogs shot by cops

Even though cops have almost no regard for other people's companion animals, at least the K9s and horses used for mounted patrols would be held to a high[er] esteem, right? Well, not always. Turns out that even police animals aren't always safe from the cruelty of their cop masters. 

A cop in Denver, CO tied up his mounted patrol horse and then abandoned him for 16 hours without food or water. The horse - named 'MC Hammer' - DIED as a result. The pig responsible for this act of gross negligence/animal abuse is officer Joseph Teeter - gang member of the Denver Police Gestapo (DPG) since 2006. This utterly revolting incident actually happened back on September 26th 2016. An apparent investigation had been conducted, and a formal "letter of discipline" was issued to Teeter on December 20th. That letter was made public on Monday January 9th. According to reports, Teeter had finished patrolling downtown Denver (as part of that city's Mounted Patrol Unit) before returning to the police unit's stables. Teeter tied MC Hammer to an eyebolt in one of the stalls and removed the saddle. Teeter then "got distracted" by paperwork and allegedly "forgot" about the animal before going home. By the time a barn employee discovered MC Hammer the next day, he had gone at least 16 hours without food or water. It is unknown whether the horse was able to sit or rest during that time. Though he appeared fine at first, the horse was eventually taken to Littleton Equine Medical Center after showing signs of pain and distress. It was there that MC Hammer was diagnosed with colic, and deemed unable to recover. The horse was euthanized.   

MC Hammer was reportedly ten years old, and was donated to the Denver police regime in November 2015. The horse's previous owner has not been verified. In addition to that disciplinary letter, pig Teeter was also docked one vacation day for 2017. That's it. That is literally all the punishment this wretched cop received. Not only is Teeter still a member of the Mounted Unit, but he was reportedly given another horse! 

The thing is, by law police animals are literally regarded as officers themselves. Harming a K9 will get you the exact same charge as if you harmed a human(pig) cop. Even the Officer Down Memorial page counts K9s amongst its fallen cops (curiously, mounted patrol horse MC Hammer's death hasn't been included in the 2016 stats). So it's very peculiar that for being directly responsible for his horse's death, Teeter was punished with nothing but a pissant disciplinary letter and one lost vacation day. Because according to these pig's own rules, Teeter basically killed his fellow partner and is guilty of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE!

Then again, rules are meant only for us common plebs. Rules don't apply to COPS.     

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