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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Police Vs. Civilian Deaths for Jan. 2017

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the total number of police deaths for all of 2016, compared to total number of people killed by police. By the end of last year, there were 1151 civilian homicides attributed to police terrorists. By contrast, 140 "official" police deaths were recorded for the same period. The word official is in quotes because police regimes typically don't report cop suicides. Too shameful, one might guess. And that 140 figure also includes K9s and correctional guards(i.e. not actual cops). Non-direct duty deaths were also included - so accidents, illnesses, etc. 

What "war on cops"? Contrary to typical conservative myth, cops are actually safer now then they were when Ronald Reagan was in office. 

So at the end of January, I've decided to revisit this issue to see what deaths have taken place in [just] in the first month of 2017. According to Killed By Police, as of Jan. 31st, cops were responsible for 103 civilian homicides in the country. Comparably, 13 police deaths have been recorded for the month of January. About half of those are homicides, with the rest being accidents and illnesses. This includes a Tribal cop in OK, and a female cop in FL. So far, no police dog deaths have been recorded. 

Safer than EVER: More cops were killed early 1970's when Nixon was in office than in 2011.

The point to take away is, being a cop is safer than most people have been lead to believe. In fact, as much of a security/deep-state fanatic as he was, under Obama's watch police homicides have actually been at an all time low since the 1980's (when Reagan, another "law and order" president occupied the White House). Even accounting for high-profile killings, the number of pigs who die in the line of duty each year is minuscule. By comparison, the number of civilians killed by police each year is at epidemic levels. If such high homicide rates by police regimes had occurred in any other nation, we would be calling them exactly what they are: DEATH SQUADS

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