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Thursday, May 11, 2017

ACLU Slams Portland Police Over May Day Malay

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon has issued a scathing critique of the Portland Police Gestapo's response to recent May Day actions. The ACLU accuses the police regime of employing disproportionate and dangerous tactics that precipitated what media outlets keep referring to as a "riot". The National Lawyer's Guild and Lawyers For Good Government also criticized the PPG for a heavy-handed response to what had otherwise been a largely peaceful protest. The civil liberties groups issued this joint statement, as part of a letter to mayor Ted Wheeler:  

"First-hand accounts from our legal observers and march organizers make it clear that there was very little violence or property destruction prior to the cancellation of the permit. Instead of handling the limited and isolated incidents appropriately, PPB created chaos by canceling a permitted march in progress without communicating to the participants, many of whom were families, children, and people with mobility issues."

Specifically, the ACLU criticized police for their hasty use of flashbang grenades and chemical munitions. Heavy and liberal use of such war-grade weaponry only served to amp up division, as well as embolden individuals whom were already intent on causing vandalism. The ACLU also criticized mayor Wheeler personally, for flipflopping on his previous campaign promises to de-militarize the Portland police, open dialogues of clear communication, and protect First Amendment rights. Instead, Wheeler has called for a crackdown on protests... typical. 

ACLU's full letter to the mayor can be read: HERE.  

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