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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Portland May Day: Post Report

Photos from Monday's May Day actions via down town Portland. Unfortunately, I did not make it dt until well after 4pm, so I missed most of the big crowds. Instead, I decided to mostly focus on the police presence, because they were certainly very much in sight. In full battle gear and heavily armed with the finest military weaponry, Portland riot cops likely numbered a several hundred. They occupied numerous intersections and arbitrarily closed off several roads. Here is some of what I witnessed - a full on POLICE-STATE:  

In addition to Portland police, many Multnomah County sheriffs pigs were suited up as well. 

Officers bravely defending this street corner from these dangerous terro-... uhm, regular people. 

This one (center kneeling down) was wiping off his gas mask.

There were street medics present to assist protesters, and the Gestapo had their own medics. 

Nice to know that the Portland police have their own special van service.

The Gestapo in full force...

Cops closing off MAX rail lines, forcing citizens to find other means of getting home after work. 

What are they looking at? The smoke is behind them.

Notice how all riot cops hold their beating sticks the same way?

Evil bank Wells Fargo gets some well deserved treatment. 

Enough said...

Looks like someone should lay off the doughnuts.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

And look to your right!

Job well done, boys. Time to go home...

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