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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Murder Trial For PIG Betty Shelby Begins

I first wrote about the police murder of Terence Crutcher last September, and followed that up with a brief update back in April. If you're reading this, then you're likely aware of Crutcher's death. Gunned down by [ex]officer Betty Jo Shelby in Tulsa, OK on September 16th 2017. Crutcher, a Black man, who's SUV had stalled along a highway, was unarmed, nonthreatening, and had his hands up in the air when bitch pig Shelby decided to execute him. Shelby has since been sacked from her position at the Tulsa Police regime and charged with manslaughter. Her trial began on Monday May 8th starting with jury selection

It is rare for a low-down cop to be reprimanded at all after murdering an innocent person. Rarer still, for said cop to lose their worthless job over it. And even more rare for the killer cop to be charged and go through the judicial process, all the way to a jury trial. And here is where piggy Shelby finds herself: one of those very few cops who's found themselves on trial for the wanton murder of someone who didn't deserve it. We've come all this way, but we'll see whether she actually gets convicted. And if that happens, how much time she'll received. An ex-cop on the hook for a manslaughter charge, she's looking at a few years in prison at best. Justice? Fuck no, not even close. But it'll be far more than we typically see in this miserable, dying empire of ours. Black lives indeed MATTER... and are worth more than a few measly-ass years. What a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in...   

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