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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Garner's Death Officially Ruled HOMICIDE

The torture and murder of Eric Garner by NY pig-monsters had initially been covered here just under two weeks ago.

NOW it is official. On Friday August 1st, a New York medical examiner's office has concluded that Garner's death was indeed A HOMICIDE! 

Garner's family, as well as many activists, have demanded from the beginning criminal charges be brought against the pig most responsible for Garner's death - placing him into an illegal choke hold while he and other pigs attempted to arrest Garner for allegedly selling untaxed "loosey" cigarettes. Now that a medical examiner's office has determined from autopsy results that the victim's death was a homicide, citizens are now awaiting news that officer Daniel Pantaleo will actually be charged with murder under criminal court of law.   

Killer cop: racist pig-bastard Daniel Pantaleo seen here. Since being involved in Eric Garner's death on July 17th, Pantaleo has been stripped of both his gun and badge pending investigation. On Aug. 1st a coroner's office determined that Garner's death was homicide.  Activists, as well as Garner's family, are pushing for criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the New York City Gestapo (NYCG) are doubling-down on their efforts of terrorism and intimidation. Ramsey Orta, the man who first captured the infamous video recording of Garner's violent arrest/murder, has himself been arrested by NY terrorists cops on some bogus "weapons" charge! The unjustified revenge arrest occurred on Saturday Aug. 2nd, the day after Garner's autopsy results had been announced (wonderful timing).

Clearly, Orta's arrest is nothing more than naked payback for putting a spotlight on the criminal actions of NY cop thugs. But detaining Orta wasn't enough, so they went after his wife as well! Orta's wife Chrissie Ortiz was falsely arrested on a bogus "assault" charge on Tuesday Aug. 5th

Police revenge: Chrissie Ortiz speaks to her husband Ramsey after having been arraigned on bullshit weapons charges on Monday Aug. 4th. Ortiz herself would be taken by police thugs the following day on a bullshit "assault" charge. Ortiz and her husband have both insisted that they have been intimidated and harassed by police thugs since Garner's murder.

Paying the price: citizen cop-watcher Ramsey Orta being taken into custody by NY police thugs on Aug. 2nd. They would then go after his wife Chrissie on Aug. 5th. Both arrests occurred within blocks of where Garner was murdered.

Ramsey Orta explaining the attack on Eric Garner from the NYPD

Orta's family claims that he has been subjected to continuous intimidation by NY police terrorists since Garner's murder in July. 

This of course is not the first time that police thugs have retaliated against citizens who've video-recorded altercations between people and police. In fact, it is very common for cops to illegally confiscate citizen's cameras of mobile devices - illegal because courts have ruled over and over that recording police actions being conducted in public - whether video or audio - is in fact legal. Many court cases have arisen from various states that have successfully challenged cop's authority to not have their actions recorded by common citizens - including a lawsuit here in Portland, OR. from several years ago.  

Despite all of this however, terrorist police thugs have continued to violate citizen's civil and First Amendment rights. And it's not just Ramsey Orta either - citizens all over the country are still getting arrested for recording on-duty cops.

And it's worth noting btw, how both Orta and his wife Ortiz have been swiftly arrested on trumped up "weapons" and "assault" charges (respectively) and are immediately having to bear the full brunt of the judicial Matrix - including shaming perp walks, immediate incarceration, tens of thousands in bail, indictment, endless court dates, the prospect of years in prison (and all of the associated side-penalties which prison time involves), post-prison supervision, fines, fees, life as a second/third-class citizen, etc. It all really is the sort of thing one spends the very rest of his/her life paying for.

 One's "debt" to society... it is never truly paid for. Not in this fucked up country. 

But Daniel Pantaleo on the other hand... this repulsive piece-of-shit cop, this THUG, he places an unarmed innocent man in an asphyxiating chokehold - BANNED from use within the NY police regime since 1993 - resulting in that man's THUG. But so far, the repercussions suffered by officer Pantaleo have been: he was placed on desk duty and he has been relinquished of his badge and police-issued handgun. And he is still getting his paycheck while he is on "desk duty", whatever the fuck that is, so Pantaleo is really on paid vacation for the time being.       

It could've been him: a local Staten Island resident and activist holds up a sign depicting Garner, moments before his death.

Rest in Peace, brother - Garner's funeral. Officer Pantaleo deserves to have his funeral for this. 

Enough is ENOUGH! Local resident and protester expresses his outrage at yet another innocent man having been brutalized and executed by racist THUG cops in his neighborhood.

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