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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Don'tShootPortland Activists March to Mayor Hale's home, Demand Resignation

On Friday October 14th 2016, members of Don't Shoot Portland marched down Highway 99E towards mayor Charlie Hales' home in the Eastmoreland neighborhood. The activists, who're closely associated with the National Black Lives Matter movement, took their march just outside Portland, to the mayor's house, to demand his resignation. This was in response to the violent police removal of protesters at City Hall, following a Council vote on a police contract, to which Hales was involved with.  

Once activists arrived at the mayor's home, they set up tents, vowing to camp through the weekend - longer if necessary. Even though Hales declined to run for a second term and is stepping down in January 2017 (mayor-elect Ted Wheeler will take his place). Despite this, many people feel that Hales' actions over the past week have been unconscionable, and therefore his resignation is warranted. Reports of actions being taken outside Charlie's house can be also be read HERE

DSP activists gather outside mayor Hales' house Friday afternoon. Many of whom would camp out over the weekend.

It's worth noting that while still running for Portland mayor, Charlie Hales slandered police murder victim Keaton Otis Dupree as a "gang member". He was not, but this was an attempt on Hales' part to pander to the Portland Police Gestapo, whose endorsement he was desperately seeking.
The PPG never formally endorsed Hales anyways, but the mayor continues to capitulate to the police regime at every turn... even on his way out of office. This is the context for Hales' actions and why soo many citizens who are active on issues of police accountability are fed up with him. 

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