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Monday, October 24, 2016

Native Pregnant Woman Gunned Down By WA Pigs

If there is anyone who is more familiar with the excesses of police terrorism and statist genocide, more so than Black people, it is Native Aboriginals. You know, the folks who were here in the first place? Their population down approximately %90 from the 1600's, Native (Aboriginal) Americans can certainly attest to this country's history of violent racial suppression and White supremacy.

Latest evidence of this can be seen not only in the mass arrests of more than 125 Native anti-DAPL activists this past weekend --- but also in the murder of a Native woman in Washington state, also over the weekend. Renee Davis was gunned down by gang members of the King County Sheriff's department on Friday October 21st 2016. The deputies were conducting a so-called "wellness" check when they killed Davis, who had been five months pregnant at the time. That makes this a double-homicide by these goddamned cops. She was 23 years old. She had three other children, two of whom were at home at the time. They most likely watched their mother die. The crime had occurred on the Muckleshoot tribal reservation.  

According to official police reports, Davis was allegedly "armed" with a handgun. This has not yet been confirmed. And we all know how cops LIE. Family members have confirmed that Davis enjoyed hunting and did own a hunting rifle. The young mother had suffered from depression, texting a friend and saying she was "in a bad way". The friend in turn called 911... a well-intentioned but naive and often deadly mistake. The two pigs responsible for Davis' murder have not been identified, as of the writing of this entry. They both have been placed on paid vacation. Even though the Muckleshoot reservation has its own tribal police, Friday night's incident apparently did not involve any Native cops. Renee Davis is police murder victim no. 933

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