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Friday, October 28, 2016

Updates On Alton Sterling, Philando Castile Murders

Honestly, there isn't a lot to say as not much of significance has happened since July. But it is important to try and keep up to speed on these cases, to revisit them, and be in the know in general. 

Back in early July, after several months of hiatus, I covered the police murders of Alton Sterling of Baton Rogue and Philando Castile of Falcon Heights/St.Anthony, MINN. Here is what latest news I could find:

Following Alton Sterling's death on July 5th 2016, came all the expected outrage. The two pigs responsible for Sterling's murder - officers Howie Lake II and Blane Salamoni - were both given paid vacation. Lake and Salamoni had both been investigated at least five times between them over seven collective years as cops. Each of these cases involved violence of some sort. Each case ended up in the exoneration of these criminal pigs. Sterling's murder remains under federal investigation as of this entry's post. But federal officials are dragging their feet, and soo far there appears to be very little to show for it. Meanwhile, Sterling's killers remain on paid vacation pending the investigation's conclusion.

In the wake of Sterling's murder, Baton Rogue saw a great deal for righteous protests and other street actions, as should have happened. On July 17th, a little bit of payback was had when Gavin Eugene Long, a Black army veteran, had ambushed gang members of the Baton Rogue Police Gestapo (BRPG), wasting three worthless cops in the process. Long had utilized his military training in gaining an advantage of [typically dumb and slow] BR cops. Long eventually found his martyrdom when his was out-numbered and surrounded by dozens of cops. Long left behind a digital trail of videos and writings displaying his justified beef with brutal corrupt cops. Even though the July 17th attack was very tactical and deliberate, Long never claimed and affiliation with the BLM movement, nor any other organizations. On July 25th, Long's body was released to his family. The brave martyr's funeral was planned, and he was buried in Arkansas.


One day after the Sterling police terrorist murder in BR, Philando Castile would be gunned down in an equally ruthless way. Castile was murdered during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, MINN on July 6th. Falcon Heights is a suburb of St. Paul. The pigs responsible for this murder are: officers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser, gang members of nearby St. Anthony Police Gestapo (SAPG). 
Yanez is the one who fired the fatal shot. Castile had his partner Diamond Reynolds and their young daughter in the vehicle at the time. Using her mobile device, Reynolds recorded and live-streamed her own partner's murder on Facebook, which went insanely viral over night. The graphic video of Castile's murder - in addition to video of Sterling's murder - lead to massive nation-wide protests against police terrorism and racist police killings.   

As usual, Both Yanez and Kauser were given paid vacation for their troubles. In late September, a state-led investigation into Castile's death had been completed, and sent to local prosecutors. The case currently lies in the hands of the county D.A. No further info. seems to be available for now... 

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