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Monday, July 29, 2013

Gun Nuts Saving Up To Buy Zimmerman Another Gun?!

Child-Murdering freak George "Peckerwood" Zimmerman is undoubtedly one of the most HATED sub-human creatures in America right now, and rightfully so. That said, he has many supporters. Though a sad commentary upon this even sadder and depraved country, it can be safely said that virtually ALL of GZ's "supporters" are White racist chicken-shit fuckwits who would just as well cut his goddamn throat, the moment it suited [their] interests. Now these freaks all want to buy this child-murdering piece-of-shit a gun! Of course, he will get his own gun back and probably has by now, the very weapon GZ used to gun down a defenseless TRAYVON MARTIN after profiling and stalking him. 

Funny thing to consider here, though... had Martin himself been properly armed that night, HE would have had a means to defend himself against a crazed and creepy stalker that night! Think about it for just a moment: (((your))) child is walking home to you and doing nothing else, when suddenly, he/she is being followed and pursued by some grown-ass man with a gun... THINK about that. Unacceptable in every case, accept when it comes to Black children, apparently. And curiously (or maybe not so), the National Rifle Association and all the GunRightsOrNoRights lunatics are audibly, deafeningly silent in regards to MARTIN'S right to defend himself. But of course the NRA (originally begot as a firearm education, safety and advocacy group in 1871 with NO political ambitions) are hardly known for carrying a consistent stance.  Funny how that shit is.

I know, that damned hypocrisy! Watch video below and listen to The Young Turks break this down. 

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  1. obviously, a person who is murderer of children is hated. he needs to be punished.