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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Angela Corey - One DIRTY Bitch!

Angela Corey was the prosecutor in George Zimmerman murder trial. She effectively blew the state's case when a jury of six women found Zimmerman "not-guilty" on Saturday 7/13/2013. However, state attorney Corey does have ONE notch on her belt: her "successful" prosecution of MARISSA ALEXANDER. Now Alexander's case is real interesting because, not only was she prosecuted by the SAME person as Zimmerman was (albeit wide WILDLY different outcomes), but she also had cited Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law(though ultimately not used by his defense team during trial, Zimmerman and his racist supporters constantly cited FL's "SYG" law in the year following his murder of Trayvon Martin). 

Now before we go into who precisely Angela Corey is, let's get into some background on Marissa Alexander and HER case. Alexander is a Jacksonville woman who had lived in fear of her violent husband, Rico Gray. There are reports that she had been beaten by her Gray while pregnant. The mother of three had a restraining order against him. In August 2010, she fired a WARNING shot into a wall to prevent her estranged husband from advancing upon her. No one was harmed during this incident. However, Marissa was arrested. Marissa attempted to invoke Fl's "Stand You Ground" law, but this absolute Right was denied to her. She had been offered a so-called "plea deal" of three years imprisonment and away from her children. She turned this bullshit deal down and chose to take her case to trial, instead, seeing as she was DEFENDING herself from a violent ex-husband who had already beaten her in the past. In May 2012 D.A. Corey prosecuted Marissa for discharging a firearm and won a conviction. Corey sought, and got, a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years - applicably under FL law for certain gun crimes. As it stands now, Marissa Alexander is serving 20 years in prison - for firing a WARNING shot above her violent ex-husband's head. And she was denied her Right to "SYG" - the same law peckerwood Zimmerman used through-out his own defense for more than a year. Marissa is appealing her case.

Now, onto this fucking bitch Angela Corey. Initially appointed to the Martin/Zimmerman case in 2012 by FL governor Rick Scott (A worrisome red flag in of itself), Corey - an ethnic Syrian, Republican, Episcopalian race-traitor - put up a flawed prosecution from the get go. Ill preparation of witnesses, not bringing forth clear evidence, failing to bring forth 'manslaughter' charges which likely would've resulted in a conviction, allowed the VICTIM to be put on trial and character -assassinated, etc. - all these pretty much seem to have been by sheer design on the part of Corey. Than, there was that ridiculous, silly-ass news conference she put on shorty after the verdict, where she insisted that this whole entire case had NOT been about race, nor gun rights! WHAT A FUCKING DIRTY-ASS BITCH!!!  But you know, there's soo much more to this one: such as her aggressive prosecution of a 12 year old boy for First Degree murder charges. 

Or her zeal for trying to give a 20 year sentence to a 65 year old, disabled veteran for firing two gun shots into the ground. Again, no one harmed. 

Or that she was FIRED from her job as Assistant State Attorney in 2006 for her apparently dismal performance.

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