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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Marshal Rapes Woman In COURTHOUSE, Then ARRESTS Her In Front of Judge!


What we have here is one of the most HORRIFYING acts of brazen police terrorism, as well as sheer neglect of justice ever captured on video... and there's been soo damned much of it captured on video already, it is impossible for one to keep up! The following video is hard to watch. It was hard for ME to watch. It may be particularly wrenching for anyone who's ever been a victim of sexual assault, especially at the filthy grubby mitts of vile, disgusting cops!

Monica Contreras, a 28 year old woman who was attending a Las Vegas family court (i.e. not criminal) on a routine divorce preceding - two year old daughter in hand - in August 2011 was suddenly and without provocation nor reason, subjected to an illegal, CRAZY illegal drug search by Marshal/officer/rapist pig Ron Fox. Contreras had only been in court for several minutes, when she was ordered, by Fox, into a waiting room where Fox riffled [illegally] through her belongings for "drugs". It was then that Fox preceded to molest and pretty much RAPE Contreras, groping her buttock and breasts and demanding that she undress. 

Now not with-standing the rape and molestation, to be perfectly clear, it is absolutely ILLEGAL to conduct an arbitrary drug search on someone without context (reason). NEVER MIND the fact that each and every single courthouse in the country (especially the ones in Las Vegas!!!) have security with metal detectors, with machines that search people's personal items for weapons and contraband, and that it is impossible for virtually every citizen to enter any courthouse without having to subject to such security measures - rightly or wrongly. It is also ILLEGAL for a male officer to conduct any search (let fucking alone one that's already illegal) on a female, alone, with no one else present. For these two criminal violations alone, Fox should have been suspended without pay immediately!   

From there it gets worse, unimaginably so. When Contreras is lead back into the courtroom, she immediately protests to judge PATRICIA DONINGER about what had just taken place. Now you'd think any judge, especially a female judge, would take charge and sort out this situation right away. Instead, the OPPOSITE happens. Putting aside her SEXUAL ASSAULT for just a moment, Contreras asks Judge Doninger WHY she couldn't have been searched by a female officer instead. Now there is no video of the actual assault/molestation/rape that took place, since it occurred in another room (though Contreras' allegations were indeed validated by a later investigation). However, you can clearly see from the video the actions that took place in the courtroom itself. What follows is unbelievable and out-right bizarre, as Judge Doninger IGNORES the victim's pleas, pretending instead to play with the two year old girl. It was at this moment that piggy rapist Ron Fox begins to ARREST Contreras! 

Contreras pleads with the judge, as well as a particularly obese Marshal James Kenyon, asking repeated WHY she is being arrested. Fox accuses HER of making "false allegations"!!!
The the pigs in the courtroom, both the rapist Fox and morbidly obese Marshal Kenyon , give Contreras the "ultimatum" of recanting her allegations before the court or going to jail. She momentarily submits, but as soon as she approaches a courtroom microphone, Contreras reasserts her charges that she had been assaulted by Fox. It was then that she was arrested, illegally, while judge Doninger LITERALLY turns her goddamn back on a rape victim, continuing to fool around with Contreras' daughter! Contreras' own daughter sees what is happening, and approaches these filthy-ass pigs, demanding they not take away her mother, in the way that only a two year old child could. 

Contreras continues begging, crying, and pleading with Doninger, as she is being taken away in handcuffs. Her daughter was subsequently kidnapped by other court authorities, and placed into state custody. 

Charges against Monica Contreras were dropped shortly there-after, OBVIOUSLY. Two months after she was victimized, Contreras files a complaint with Court Marshal Internal Affairs. After a six-month investigation, Fox was fired. But to this very day, he faces NO criminal charges - not for the assault, nor the false arrest. He's since lawyer'ed up himself, and is now the miserable piece-of-shit is suing the county there for "wrongful termination". But as fucking always, this goes far beyond just one asshole cop. There are widespread allegations now that numerous court employees deliberately engaged in a COVER-UP of Contreras' case. Not only that, but many other allegations of marshals viciously abusing citizens have surfaced. 

Meanwhile, Patricia Doninger continues to "serve" as a family court judge in Clark County, NV. The fucking cowardly bitch ought to be DISBARRED RIGHT AWAY! But in addition, she should also be brought up on criminal charges of aiding and abetting. None of this has come to pass, of course. And as it stands now, Contreras is suing Clark Country and its courts, along with Fox, Kenyon, and Doninger. Here's hoping for an outcome with some measure of resolve... 


  1. Please,how can you see an assault of this young mother. The officers were doing their jobs. As I see it the judge has protocal to follow. She just can"t jump over her desk and stop them. There are laws out there and they need to be followed.D.Drake

    1. How long have you been a sexual predator? Have you ever been caught?

  2. D. Drake you are a moron and a scumbag if you thing this useless cowardly judge did her job. As a woman, ESPECIALLY, she should have halted everything and sorted it out but being the worst type of judge ever, and ignoring a woman's pleas for help, she turns the other cheek. There is no excuse for this, and she should be disbarred. She should be ashamed as a woman to be so awful. I have encountered otehr female "judges" who give all females, esp females judges, a bad name because of their behavior (one woman in particular who clearly had a crush on the male and sided with him and his lies). I have seen female family court judges come down on women worse than men because they actually are biased AGAINST women, so donb'[t act like she was just doing her job. Not to mention the later investigation ruled that this woman's accusations were in fact true. There was no reason to search her at all, and then to arrest her because she protests in front of her child is DISGUSTING. They should all be fired in cludeing the fat one that threatened to do it "the hard way or easy way". Macho men who love control and abuse their power and the stupid women who turn the other way. That's what I saw here. I applaud the victim for speaking up because now you see why so many victims of assault (any sexual or unlawful assault) don't!

  3. Does anyone have a Photo = like a wanted poster of RON Fox - he can change his name; but not his face. Let's publicly shame the bastard.