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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trayvon Murderer Gets Off!

Not guilty

THIS was the verdict handed down by a six person, all female (five White, one Latina) jury Saturday night 7/13/2013 in the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin. The jury had the option of either 2nd degree murder - which could have meant a possible life sentence for Zimmerman, manslaughter - which carries a possible 30 year sentence, or setting him free. The latter decision came down Saturday night. Shortly afterwards, Zimmerman's ankle monitor was removed at the Sanford FL court house, and he immediately went into hiding. Zimmerman had been in hiding since last April, after his initial arrest for the murder of Trayvon on 2/26/2012. And only then did his arrest come after heavy community and national protests, demanding the child-killer be brought to justice. Zimmerman, a failed wannabe cop, had received a great deal of protection from the Sanford Police Gestapo (SPG). Because although Zimmerman didn't have a badge, nor an official license to kill, he was indeed one of THEM.

To be sure, there was much that was crooked and dirty about this case and particularly its following trial. Many suspicious questions about the evidence provided, as well as the presiding judge and prosecutor. State Attorney and Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey herself has a pretty dubious history. This woman has issues that are too numerous to get into in one blog post. But the major thing that stands out is that Corey was the SAME bitch who prosecuted Marissa Alexander just last year. But THAT is a separate issue all together. 

Zimmerman may be a "free" man now. But rest assured, this crazy-ass cracker/self-hating White Latino will be spending the rest of his miserable worthless life looking over his shoulder and living in fear! Perhaps he'll seek protection from the many White supremacists who supported his sorry ass and pretended that this half-White self-loathing Peruvian truly represented their cause (well, he's also half-German, so close enough). His family may continue to hide him, including his racist brother Martin Zimmerman. Or maybe he will hook up with fellow Floridian child-killer Casey Anthony. The two of them can elope, move to the Bahamas or something, and spawn a whole litter of demonic fucked up offspring. And kill them.

                     Watch yer back, bitch! 

Smirking state prosecutor Angela Corey, putting on her dog and pony show during post-trial news conference.


                                          R.I.P. BROTHER TRAYVON! 

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