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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Infamous Pepper-Spraying Pig Begs for Worker's Comp... WTF?!

Remember the pepper-spray pig Officer JOHN PIKE who unloaded a canister of mace on a line of sitting, non-violent, peaceful OCCUPY demonstrators as he calmly walked by them on the University of CA, Davis campus back on Nov. 18th 2011? Turns out that poor officer Pike is in need of some worker's comp for his "distress". I should say former officer Pike, as his sorry ass was fired (about damn time) in July 2012, after an eight-month task force investigation concluded that Pike's outrageous act of police terrorism against peaceful UC Davis students was indeed unjustified. A preciously RARE case of an unfit, terrorist cop actually losing his job... even if it did take eight months and in fact, former officer Pike should have been arrested, criminally charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned on multiple counts of AGGRAVATED ASSAULT! Such would have been a TRUE degree of justice one can only dream of (or write about) in this miserable messed-up country. As it is, one must take what one can get, and continue fighting. 

But the more cynical among us will also keep in mind that, the ONLY goddamn reason Pike eventually lost his job at all was due to the extremely public nature of his crimes - dozens of videos from cell phones as well as professional camera persons (documenting actions on the UC campus during the height of the national Occupy Wall St. movement, which saw many countless acts of brazen police terrorism all over the country, some of which previously covered by TC) capturing the incident in broad daylight. These videos were immediately uploaded, went crazy-viral, and an endless secession of gifs, memes, and mash-ups followed, making Pike a national mockery and buffoon over-night. Often to hilarious affect. 

This goes on, but you get the point. In the aftermath of all this, UC agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit filed by demonstrators and the chief of the UC Davis police department (yes, some universities have their own police dept. now, sadly) was forced to resign his post. But this case remains far from RESOLVED! In the brief video accompanying the following link, you can very obviously see sitting and kneeling students being violently swarmed upon by various UC Davis police gestapo:

These were NOT yelling and screaming protesters walking down a street and blocking traffic - they were students holding a PEACEFUL sit-in on the campus of their own goddamn school, which by both school policy and constitutional law, they had EVERY right to do! So this violent attack by these rabid dogs (UC police) was unwarranted to begin with, and Pike was far from the sole offender here. 

TRUE justice would have seen not just one dipshit cop take the hit and one chief thrown under the bus. But EVERY SINGLE COP in this video immediately sacked and brought up on criminal charges! 


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