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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Racist Grand Jury FAILS to Return Indictment for Crawford Killers!

Well... can't say I'm surprised, but this is still some outrageous shit nonetheless! More than a month after John Crawford's murder, video footage from the Walmart store where he was killed has finally been released... but only after a grand jury failed/refused to indict the two bastard-ass cops responsible for his death. BEYOND FUCKED UP!

Brief recap: as first covered here on Targeting Cops, on Tuesday August 5th 2014, John Crawford III was shopping in a Walmart store in Beavercreek, OH. At some point, Crawford had picked an airsoft pellet gun off the self in the TOY SECTION of the store. An obese, racist, neck-bearded piece-of-shit later identified as Ronald Ritchie had spotted Crawford from a distance, felt "threatened", and called 911. Ritchie tattled to 911 dispatchers that Crawford had been:

> waving around an assault weapon
> loading bullets into this weapon
> pointing the weapon at children
> moving items around on the shelves with the muzzle of this so-called "weapon"

ALL of these claims by Ritchie were later revealed to have been outright LIES! Not only that, but Ritchie himself was forced to admit he LIED after he and his attorney were allowed to watch parts of the surveillance video, early on in this case. 

This is the lying coward that called the police because he was so terrified of#JohnCrawford He originally stated that Mr. Crawford was pointing the gun at customers and terrorizing them. He later admitted that his story wasn't true.#RonaldRitchie along with being a complete #PieceOfShit he's also the#WorstPersonInTheWorld How does a person like this sleep at night? You're so terrified of a Black man casually walking away from you that you call the cops and fabricate a story to ensure your "safety"? I question his manhood. No man is supposed to be that easily shaken up. #JusticeForJohnCrawford

Within two minutes of Ritchie's FALSE 911 call, gang members from the Beavercreek Police Gestapo (BPG) were on sight. They spotted Crawford, and within seconds blew him away in a hail of gunfire. Crawford had virtually no time to react. His back was turned to cops when they approached and he was executed on immediately. Crawford had been on the phone with his girlfriend and mother of his two children, LeeCee Johnson, at the moment he was ruthlessly gunned down. The two pigs directly responsible for Crawford's death are officers Sean Williams and David Darkow - gang members of the Beavercreek Terrorist Police regime. It was later determined that the kill-shot came from William's service weapon. They continued shooting Crawford's body, even after he was lying on the ground, not moving and bleeding to death, with the bb/pellet gun several feet away from him. 

Crawford's only response, while still on the phone, was "It's not real!". The very next second he was shot to death. While still talking to Crawford, Johnson had placed her cell phone on speaker-mode then handed it to his father. John Crawford II was the very last person to hear his son's final breaths.

NO justice: Officers Darkow and Williams seen here, the two armed thugs who responded to a false 911 call by lying sack-of-shit Ronald Ritchie. An all-White grand jury has since declined to indict either of these pigs on charges of criminal murder.

Crawford was not the only person killed that day. Angela D. Williams was standing with her two young children just feet away from the cop's initial target. In the panic and chaos that ensued following the two police thugs opening fire, Williams attempted to shield her children and flee. The 37 year old was preparing for her wedding, set for that following Saturday. As she flee for her life, Williams suffered a heart attack. She died at an area hospital later that night.

LeeCee Johnson, Crawford's girlfriend and mother to his two children. Johnson had been on the phone with Crawford just moments before he was gunned down by police thugs on Aug. 5th.

Happier times: John Crawford seen here, with his mother Tressa Sherrod.
John Crawford with his mother, Tressa Sherrod.  

Citizens stand on a street corner protesting the murder of yet another innocent men, while demanding justice be brought to his killers.

On Wednesday Sept. 24th, a Greene County Grand Jury (which was most certainly all White) refused to bring criminal charges against officer pig Sean Williams (apparently, charges against officer pig David Darkow were never even considered). Only a few hours later, did OH District Attorney Mike DeWine decide to release surveillance footage of Crawford's murder. The Walmart store where the police murders had taken place handed over the video to state authorities early on. It has been in the possession of D.A. DeWine and the OH Bureau of Criminal Investigation (a division of the D.A.'s office) ever since. 

DeWine had allowed but a few people (parties involved and lawyers) to view the video. But despite demands from Crawford's family and the public to release it overall, DeWine had been stalling to do just that for weeks. Only after Wednesday's Grand jury decision not to indict, did DeWine finally make the video public.

This mangy son-of-a-bitch will never admit it, but the reason why OH D.A. Mike DeWine and his office had refused to release the video all this time was because it was soo damning (contradicting both police statements and Ritchie's 911 claims) that they feared it would prejudice the public and all potential jurors early on... in the victim's favor. Keep in mind, we're talking about a former Ohio senator (R-OH) who also happens to be a filthy, repulsive Roman Catholic. A typical, right-wing Nazi piece-of-shit through and through! So, what else could one have expected (besides justice)? 

Racist Catholic Prick: Ohio D.A. Mike DeWine seen here. He refused to make video surveillance of Crawford's murder public until after his [all-white] Grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against officer Sean Williams.

Ohio is an 'Open/Carry' state. This means that Whites have the right to walk around most public places brandishing actual real guns - including military-style assault rifles. However, a young Black man with no criminal history simply picks a TOY bb-gun off the shelf of a local store, and he is gunned down within minutes. It is almost as if there were different sets of laws for different people in this miserable country...

The two police thugs who took part in the murders of John Crawford and Angela Williams continue to enjoy their paid vacation, as of the publishing of this blog entry. We now know that these two criminal sons-of-bitches will never be brought to justice for their crimes. They most likely won't even lose their sorry-ass jobs and will remain a serious terrorist threat/danger to the public for years to come. It's possible that officers Williams and Darkow will face Civil suits from Crawford's family at least, but even then that will be something for the city of Beavercreek, Greene County, and the taxpayers of Ohio to have to deal with. In the wake of the Grand jury's decision, the Dept. of Justice has announced that they are now investigating the circumstances that lead to Crawford's death. That's nice, but let's be goddamned honest here - these "independent" investigations by federal jurisdictions always lead to the same outcomes: symbolic policy changes and NO punishment for wrong-doers! 

Ronald Ritchie - the "man" most responsible for this clusterfuck tragedy - his ass is in for a world of grief right now, which hopefully will last him the rest of his worthless life as well as his afterlife. This coward is most certainly in hiding, as well he should be. Hiding out like George Zimmerman #georgezimmermanisapieceofshit, but with NO protections and NO crowd-funded welfare handouts from racist supporters, either. Ritchie is shit out of luck, but even his fat lard ass alone cannot adequately provide the pounds of flesh required to satisfy justice here. Much of that would also have to be cut from the backs of the two terrorist cops who murdered an innocent man, and caused the untimely death of an innocent woman. We now know that will never happen. 

This world is fit for another cleansing, nothing less will do...   

R.I.P. brother. In this life or the next, you shall be avenged...

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  1. half my family is black, I know how you feel, I hate this shit, the more things change the more they stay the say