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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Gruesome Police Murder of James Chasse - 8 Yrs Later

Yet another somber holiday is upon us. Eight years ago today, James Philip Chasse Jr. was viciously murdered by vile, disgusting pig-beasts here in Portland,OR

  On September 17th 2006, Chasse was chased by Portland cops and ran down like a scared dog. A gangly 160lb. Chasse was tackled by three grotesque pigs, each of whome weighed well more than 200lb. Chasse was punched, kicked, beaten, bludgeoned, and stomped relentlessly until he stopped screaming and fell unconscious. When emergency medical personnel arrived, these cops lied to them, saying that Chasse was "on drugs"... he was not. Both cops and paramedics stood around Chasse as he laid clumped and broken on the sidewalk. They pretty much didn't do shit, except shoot the breeze and write reports. All of this took place in the city's so-called 'Pearl' district. Chasse have never committed a crime - though one of the cops who killed him would later claim that he "saw Chasse urinating behind a tree". A lame-ass pretext/excuse, if there ever were one.

Chasse was handcuffed, thrown in the back of a squad car like a bag of trash, and taken to Central Precinct in downtown Portland. A nurse (if you could call her that) would later walk past the bed-less cell in which Chasse had been laying. She claimed that the victim was "fine" and was probably "faking" his elements. Chasse was suffering from more that two dozen broken bones and blood was leaking from his nose, mouth, and skull fractures. Chasse was finally taken to the hospital, more than an hour later... except he never made it. In the back of a Portland Police patrol car, Jame Chasse died from massive internal injuries and blood loss.

The three pigs who murdered Chasse were/are:

Officer Christopher Humphreys
Deputy Brett Burton
Sergeant Kyle Nice

Even though they have since changed positions, departments, and/or counties in which they are employed, none of these monsters have ever lost their careers in law enforcement. None of them have ever faced criminal charges of felony aggravated murder, nor aggravated assault. Humphreys, Burton, and Nice are all cops, to this day.

What happened to James Chasse stands as one of the most horrific and egregious cases of police murder and sheer police terrorism in Portland ever. And even though the city, Multnomah County, and tax-payers have shelled out $millions in civil suits, settlements, and extraordinary court expense, the murder of James Chasse remains woefully unresolved to this very day!  

A locally produced film has been released a few years ago called Alien Boy , which chronicles the life and death of Chasse. It was premiered at the Portland International Film fest, as well as other film fests around the country.

Alien Boy: A reference to the band Chasse once played in as a teenager.

Attorney Tom Steenson seen here. He has represented the Chasse family since the beginning.

A local resident holds up a protest flyer picturing the three terrorist police thugs who murdered Chasse. They all remain free to this day.

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