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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sadistic Atl. Cop Monster Charged w/ Murder after Woman's body Found!

It doesn't get much more awful than this. This fucking cop in Atlanta, GA has recently been arrested for the murder of a woman he met online. This pig shot her several times, burned her body, then tried to leave the country! The things a cop has to do to get arrested! 

Sick pig: Tahreem Zeus Rana, former Atl. cop seen here. He was an Atlanta cop for three years when he murdered Veronica Woodard. Rana shot Woodard several times, dosed her body with petrol, and set her on fire in an attempt to cover his tracks. Fucking PIG!

Officer Tahreem Zeus Rana was arrested on Thursday August 21st 2014, as he attempted to flee the country. Rana, 23, has been charged in the gruesome murder of Veronica Woodard, 26. Rana had been a three-year gang member of the Atlanta Police Gestapo (APG), first hired by the regime in 2011 after having completed basic training and earning his Associates Degree in "Criminal Justice". Unknown to most, Rana was/is a depraved sexual deviant who had been trolling dating sites for online hook-ups for a few years. In August 2014 he had met up with Woodard, a recent transplant from New York City to Atlanta. After Rana had made arrangements with Woodard on the 'Backpages' website, in the "romantic-personals" section, he took her to a secluded area, shot her several times, doused her body in petrol fluid, then set her on fire. A city worker discovered Woodard's charred body the following morning on Aug. 22nd. The crime had taken place in Hapeville, GA - a small city adjacent to Atlanta. Investigators suspect that Rana had murdered Woodard with his police-issued service firearm at the time. Rana was arrested on Thursday Aug. 28th at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport. He was allowed to go through security checkpoints in order to ensured he had not been armed with any weapon/s. Rana was planning to fly to MonterreyMexico. It is believed that this would've been the "transfer" point to ultimately head to India. Rana had been placed on a "no-fly" list, one of the very rare times such a list was actually used for purposes of good. Authorities say they connected Rana to his victim via phone records. 

Former officer Tahreem Rana (left) and murder victim Veronica Woodard (right).

Rana had been held without bond until a Sept. 12th scheduled preliminary court hearing in Fulton County superior court. He has since been relieved of all police duties and, amazingly, isn't even drawing a paycheck! The ex-cop has been charged with murder, arson, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence. It has been largely established that Rana and Woodard had crossed each other's paths in an online 'personals' ad, seeking a sexual or "romantic" encounter. At some point Rana murdered Woodard, shooting her multiple times with his service weapon. He then lit her body on fire in a poor attepmt to cover his tracks. 

This filthy, disgusting pig ought to be EXECUTED for what he did. the wretched state of Georgia happens to be fairly frequent in its use of Capital Punishment. So, put it to use in this case! A murderous, sub-human police piece-of-garbage who no-longer deserves to walk the very Earth, much less the streets! 

And it is of no doubt that cops tend to be every bit as misogynistic, as they are racist. That the officer himself happens to be a Person of Color, seems to have very little impact on this. Black women in particular tend to fare the most poorly with cops. And women of Color especially tend to be targeted the most by racist, mysoginistic cops.   

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