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Thursday, September 18, 2014

UT Man in Samurai Cosplay Murdered By Vile Cops

It's becoming more and more difficult to even keep up with it all, FUCK! 

Darrien Hunt seen here. He is yet the latest innocent Black man to have been ruthlessly gunned down/murdered by racist, terrorist gestapo police for NO logical reason.
Darrien Hunt image via Facebook

A Saratoga Springs, UT 30 minutes South of Salt Lake City) man has been gunned down by two cops on Wednesday September 10th 2014. 22 year old Darrien Hunt was in cosplay, dressed as a character from the anime 'Samurai Champloo', when police terrorist thugs murdered him in cold blood. He was shot to death outside a Panda Express Asian-style restaurant. Of course, the victim was Black (or Biracial, in this case; didn't do him any damned good, still) and all officers involved are White. Also typical to the point of cliche, is how the "official police" version wilding differ from both eye witness accounts, video footage, and initial autopsy results. The police version has Hunt lunging at officers with a deadly Samurai sword weapon, and was thus shot by police in a defensive position.

HOW-FUCKING-EVER - several eye-witnesses, as well as video surveillance and physical facts from a private autopsy (done at the behest of Hunt's family) has Hunt running away from police. He was shot six times, all in the back. He was "armed" with a three-foot long wooden or plastic toy sword with a rounded edge. According to one of the victim's aunts, the toy was purchased from an Asian gift store. In no way could it have been mistaken for an actual weapon. Despite this, Hunt was initially sicced upon by police thugs, thanks to a 911 call by some scared-ass POS, claiming to have seen Hunt "carrying a samurai sword/looking suspicious".

The murder of Darrien Hunt bears close similarities with other infamous police executions of unarmed, innocent Black men over this past summer. But Hunt's case most closely - on an uncanny, almost spooky level - resembles that of John Crawford. Crawford, who was also 22 years old, was shot on sight by two police thugs over a toy gun inside a Walmart store on Aug. 5th 2014. Police thugs were also drawn to his attention after a cop-calling, racist, LYING sack-of-shit told 911 dispatchers that Crawford was "brandishing" an assault rifle, "loading bullets" into it, and "pointing it" at other shoppers (said "assault rifle" turned out to be an airsoft pellet gun made of plastic - unpurchased and still inside its box). 

Hunt's mother Susan Hunt, who is White, claims that police killed her son because he was Black. Other family members, as well as many who knew him, also repeated these suspicions.

  “They killed my son because he’s black. No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he’s running away.”- Susan Hunt, Darrien's mother.     

By all accounts, Darrien Hunt was lovable, harmless nerd who loved Anime. He was as far away from a so-called "gang member" as one could have been. He had no criminal record and no known history of drug abuse. Not saying that any of this shit would be the least bit relevant, were it even true. But at least racist cowardly chickhenshits don't have anything to smear him with.

Hunt's funeral was held on Thursday September 18th in Saratoga Springs, at a church less than two miles from where he was murdered by cops. The two gang members of the Saratoga Springs Police Gestapo (SSPG) have not been identified, as of yet. What is known so far is that they are both White and have both received paid vacation - par for the course whenever a police thug murders an innocent citizen. Paid vacation for wanton murder is standard procedure for ALL terrorist police regimes. 

More on this case - as well as the identities of the two pigs involved - as it becomes available for dissemination... 

Friends and family set up a memorial for Hunt, the day after he was shot dead by bastard cops.


... it is worth noting that like Ohio where John Crawford was murdered, Utah is also an Open/Carry state. 

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