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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vile Pig-Beast Accused of Raping Women

In yet another stomach-turning police horror story, an Oklahoma City cop has been arrested for the rape/sodomy of [at least] eight innocent women. If ever a cop needed to die, it is this piece-of-shit here! 

Daniel Holtzclaw

This monster's name is Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, former gang member of the Oklahoma City Police Gestapo (OCPG). Holtzclaw was removed from police duties in June after a woman had reported a sexual assault during an unjustified traffic/pretext stop. After this incident, more women came forward with accusations that they too had been targeted by this filthy-ass pig. Holtzclaw was finally arrested on Thursday August 21st 2014. His initial bail had been set for $5 million. But for reasons that remain open to speculation, his bail was later reduced and unfortunately he was able to post $500,000. Holtzclaw was released from jail on Friday September 5th. He currently faces criminal charges of having raped at least seven women while on duty, as well as forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and stalking. All of the women victimized by Holtzclaw are Black, which makes this sexually sadistic cop a Level-5 racist.

What is more revolting is that this monster has supporters! Mostly anonymous, racist chickenshits who hideout on such sites as 4chan(/pol/), Stormfront, etc., as well as wretched cop-lovers in general. Holtzclaw's cunt of a sister, Jenny Holtzclaw, had started an online campaign on the GoFundMe website, in order to raise revenue for her rapist pig brother's defense. The site has since removed the vile campaign, citing many well justified complaints. However, a fund-raising campaign for Darren Wilson - the racist peckerwood cop who gunned down Michael Brown - remains in effect.

Meanwhile, a facebook page in support of the rapist cop remains up. Alas, such things ought not be too surprising. Simply note the racist double-standards in which mass-corporate media takes part in - on a routine and predictable basis. Typically, police murder victims are are tarred and feathered, while cops who commit often horrific crimes received the benefit of doubt. And in most cases, paid vacation. 


Daniel Holtzclaw seen here in his standard gang-affiliated attire. He is accused of having raped, sexually battered, and stalked 7 to 8 women while in uniform and on duty.
On the beat: Victims claimed Daniel Holtzclaw sexually assaulted them during traffic stops under threat of violence or arrest

Incest?: Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw's sister/whore Jenny seen here. She started an online campaign on the Gofundme web site after her rapist brother was arrested on multiple counts of felony sexual assault in Aug. The so-called "#freetheclaw" effort managed to raise more than $7,000 - all donations from racist cowardly scum - before the crowdfunding site was forced to shut the campaign down due to overwhelming complaints. GOOD! 

As of the submission of this blog entry, the "Claw" remains free on bond, but he faces 16 criminal felony indictments - including first degree rape, forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery, indecent exposure, burglary, and stalking. Through his attorney Scott Adams, he has plead not guilty... typical. He could face up to life in prison if convicted on first degree rape alone, which is obviously good. All of these criminal acts are alleged to have been committed by Holtzclaw while he was on duty as an Oklahoma City cop. He has been reprimanded by court order to his parent's home in Enid, OK, (his father is a police lieutenant for the Enid Police Gestapo) where he is to remain on house arrest until trial. He also has a GPS monitoring bracelet around his ankle.

Shockingly (or maybe not so), Holtzclaw still remains in the employ of the OK City Terrorist Police regime. And according to OK Police Terrorist Regime Cappo Dexter Nelson, Holtzclaw continues to draw his paychecks, despite his arrest and the felony criminal charges... though he has been ordered to turn in his badge and weapons. Most of his victims have not been publicly named. What is known about them is that they all are African American, ranging in age from 34 to 58. The women all claim that they were threatened by Holtzclaw - either with arrest or physical violence - if they did not comply with his sexual advances. Any support he has received has been limited to his worthless family, fellow asshole cops, and a small number of racist losers.  

Updates on this case will be brought forth, once available... 


  1. This Pig has got to go down. So many "police' are sociopaths, this country is in real trouble.

  2. Nasty niggas are always the real problem within society. It's good to know that we have officers like Darren Wilson who take these scums out! #BlackLiesMatter