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Monday, November 24, 2014

NO Indictment for Darren Wilson... Another PIG Walks Free!

Ferguson, Missouri has been burning for months now. And it now looks like they've got a long ways to go, before this shit gets any better. Earlier this evening on Monday November 24th 2014, an all-White grand[wizard] jury declined to return a criminal indictment against worthless PIG Darren Wilson. To be honest, this is no surprise. Yet it makes Michael Brown's murder no less insidious... even more so actually, since the murderer remains protected by a system that continues to see these cops get away with murder! 

People in Ferguson have been bracing themselves for weeks, in anticipation of this anonymous, all-White grand[wizard] jury's decision - as well as the frustration and rage that was to follow. Few people can honestly claim to have been surprised; this follows a very standard outcome, of racist peckerwood cops not having to face criminal charges for the murders of innocent People of Color. Now that it's all official and piggy Wilson gets to be the latest criminal thug to escape justice, citizens are letting their outrage be known in Ferguson. And no doubt, criminal police regimes have more than a few agent provocateurs strategically placed throughout the city, carrying out their marching orders to make an already unpleasant situation look down-right horrible. But just keep in mind, that the violence in Ferguson did not begin until an 18 year old college-bound Mike Brown was viciously murdered by a police thug. The violence did not begin until regiments of militarized police storm-troopers rolled in with their armored BearCats, and their surplus (govt. discounted) military hardware, committing all sorts of human rights violations, as would be expected of any terrorist state-police or hostile invading army.   

#JUSTICEFORMIKEBROWN: Citizens from cities all over the country show solidarity with the people of Ferguson, shortly after it was announced that pig Darren Wilson would not face criminal charges.

Oh, speaking of racist cops and the all-White grand[wizard] juries who refuse to indict them, evidence has recently emerged directly linking hiding piece-of-shit cop Wilson to the Klu Klux Klan. Well how about that! Wilson's newly minted wife Barbara Spradling has also been directly implicated as having racist ties. Adding to this, it has long been an established fact that most of the sub-human retches who support this coward-ass pig (setting up kickstarter campaigns and facebook pages on Wilson's behalf, holding #iamdarrenwilson rallies, etc.) are themselves active members of the KKK, as well as other White supremacist groups.

#officergofuckyourself: Portland cops show support for fellow criminal thug Wilson, posting this official badge to their facebook accounts. After an embarrassing shitstorm erupted, they were forced to take the images down. Portland Police Minister of Propaganda, Officer Pete Simpson, has yet to mention details publicly, as to how the offending cops would be disciplined.

But for all the repulsive, cop-loving goons and racist trolls who stick up for Wilson (including local support from gang members of the Portland Police), their numbers are eclipsed by those who stand by Mike Brown, with the people of Ferguson, and with all those who have known police terrorism. Shortly after news broke that no indictment would be handed down, people took to the streets all over the country! Individuals in NYC, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, as well as here in Portland, OR displayed their solidarity with Ferguson.

More emergency direct action is planned for November 25th, and certainly for days and weeks to come.

Since this past summer, the high-profile police murders of numerous Black people have occurred, within a short cluster of time. In damn near all these cases, grand juries have refused to levy indictments against any of the criminal police thugs responsible for these murders. An all-White grand jury in the case of brother Eric Garner is currently pending. However, a decision in that case has been slowly mulled over since September. Few people know what's taking soo damned long, especially since there is clear video/audio documentation of that police murder, which occurred in Staten Island, NY just weeks prior to Mike Brown's killing. Who knows what will happen next - what's going to be the other shoe that drops.

It's almost as if this shit had all been planned from the beginning... 

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