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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Updates: Eric Garner and Mike Brown

Here is another update on the high-profile police murders of two Black men which have occurred this past summer, within weeks of one another. These are pending cases, whose [final] outcomes still remain months (if not years) away.



Targeting Cops first profiled the sadistic police murder of Eric Garner here, back in July 2014. One of the most high profile police killings nationwide this year, the murder of Brother Garner provided the catalyst for a hyper-awareness of police brutality and highly intense citizen protests which began in the summer and has continued throughout the autumn and winter.

Recap: on Thursday July 17th of this year, Eric Garner, a Staten Island resident, was stopped by NY police thugs and accused of selling "loose" cigarettes. Garner denied the charge. Instead of letting this pissant bullshit go, cops decided to escalate the situation. Clearly, Garner had been harassed by these goddamned racist beasts several times before. Fed up, Garner stood his ground - peacefully but assertively as every citizen proclaiming his or her innocence has the damned Right to. Within seconds, the situation had escalated very badly. Like rabid dogs, cops attacked Garner without provocation, with officer Daniel Pantaleo having placed Garner in an illegal choke hold. Infamous viral video shot by local resident Ramsey Orta captures the entire incident, from beginning to gut-wrenching end. In the video, Garner can very clearly be heard yelling out, "I can't breath, I can't breath!" over and over. Moments later, he would fall unconscious on the sidewalk, with several pigs on top of him. Garner was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly afterwards.  

Ramsey, the man who shot the video, has since found himself the target of relentless police retaliation, having been arrested on a bogus, trumped up "gun" charge. Garner's family has since filed a $75 million suit against the NY police regime, six individual cops (including Pantaleo), and the city of New York. Pig Pantaleo remains on "paid leave", and is apparently in hiding. Neither he, nor other police thugs involved in Garner's death, have been charged with felony murder. And it is unlikely they ever will be. A grand jury to decide piggy Pantaleo's fate had commenced back in September, and results - followed by street outrage - are still forthcoming...



Little more than two weeks after Eric Garner's murder by police monsters in Staten Island/NYC, an 18 yr-old Midwesterner by the name of Michael Brown Jr. would be gunned down by a racist cop in Ferguson, MO.

The ruthless, premeditated murder of Mike Brown was first covered in this blog HERE back in August this year, as well as in subsequent follow-up posts HERE and HERE. On Saturday afternoon Aug. 9th, Brown was gunned down by an armed criminal gang member of the Ferguson Police Gestapo (FPG). His only known crime at that time was... walking along the middle of a residential street. He was unarmed. His hands were raised and he was attempting to surrender, when he was shot dead in cold blood. He was 18 years old at the time and had recently graduated high school. He had been scheduled to begin college classes the following week. Instead of a young man continuing his education, Brown's funeral would be held on Aug. 25th.

The racist monster responsible for Brown's death has since been identified as officer Darren Wilson, a six-year gang member of Ferguson's police regime. The outing of Brown's killer did not come swiftly, nor without angry protests and intense international media attention. Once Wilson was officially named on Friday Aug. 15th, demands that he be brought to justice have only intensified. 

A LOT has happened in the modest, mostly African-American suburb of St. Louis since Aug. 9th. A timeline chronicling the first month following Brown's murder can be seen here

Though just "another" police killing, the murder of Mike Brown proved to be the straw that snapped the camel's back. Ferguson has seen once hopeless residents turn into passionate activists. Citizens from the greater St. Louis metro area, as well as from other parts of Missouri and the country, have put their physical bodies On the streets of Ferguson by the thousands. They demanded not only Justice for Mike Brown, but accountability for ALL police murders everywhere (*several high-profile murders of Black men have occurred in America this past summer, including that of Brown. TC will cover more of them in a following up-date). And as all-white grand juries would decide the non-fate of officers involved, many citizens would call for killer cops to be fired and criminally prosecuted for murder. The reaction by various police regimes to citizens having expressed their justified grievances, have been hyper-militarized gestapo overkill. The likes of which only few other American cities have thus far seen (Oakland, Seattle, New York City, New Orleans, etc.). And something that would be more akin to a militarized siege of Gaza. Such an insane and dangerous terrorist police response in Ferguson has also drawn universal condemnation from international human rights organizations, who are typically more accustomed to dealing with human rights abuses in more unstable countries around the world. And yet, for a few months so far, Ferguson, America has had the international community's full attention. Not only protesters and average residents, but police terrorists have also violently cracked down upon journalists attempting to cover events on the ground. This has included, but in no way limited to, falsely arresting reporters, only to release them later on. The blatant tactic with the attended purpose of silencing [non-embedded] media. 

 True story...

A brigade of police-gestapo storm troopers stands menacingly along a road in downtown Ferguson, MO. Police authoritarians have waged a campaign of terror, intimidation, and violence here since Mike Brown's murder on Aug. 9th.

Brown's funeral, as it was held on Aug. 2th. His was likely one of the most media-focused funerals this year.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/usa-missouri-shooting.jpg

#FergusontoGeneva: Mike Brown's parents travel to Geneva, Switzerland to make global plea on behalf of their murdered son, as well as all victims of police terrorist violence.

On November 12th, Mike Brown's parents, Leslie McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the United Nations. Brown's parents gave testimony before the UN Committee Against Torture, regarding police violence, racial profiling, and civil rights violations. And not just over what's occurred in Ferguson, but what takes place in America at large. McSpadden and Brown Sr., along with several advocacy groups who helped make the trip possible, were hoping to pressure to international community to lean on the U.S. over the brazen human rights violations which happen here on a very common basis. Especially where it concerns police interactions with communities of color, and the militarization of police regimes all over America. 


Meanwhile, others have been killed by vile police monsters in the area, in the time following Brown's death. On Oct. 8th, 18 year old Vonderrit Myers Jr. was gunned down by an off-duty St. Louis pig "moonlighting" (in violation of his union contract, most likely) as a security guard. The murder took place in St. Louis where Myers lived. The filthy, bastard-ass pig who murdered Myers has been identified as 32 year-old Jason H. Flanery, a six-year gang member of the St. Louis Police Gestapo (SLPG). Now quite a few details remain to be known in this police murder. What IS known is that piggy Flanery made a number of posts in social media where he revealed his CONservative biases, including racist disparaging remarks against Black people. Flanery's hatred of homosexuals and liberals [in general] had also been exposed.

Myers' family has had an independent autopsy conducted, showing that Myers was shot a total of eight times - including six shots from behind. Five of those gun shot wounds were found in both of Myer's legs, with another fatal gun shot to the side of his face. This corroborates statements from various witnesses that the teen was indeed fleeing when Flanery gunned him down from behind, like a coward. The "official" police spin is that Myers was armed with a gun and firing shots at [officer] Flanery. However, Myers' family strongly disputes this. And eyewitnesses don't back this claim up. Also, no mention of a gun allegedly fired by Myers has yet been recovered. Next time these goddamned cops want to LIE and say that someone they killed was "firing shots" at one of their own, it might be useful to actually PRODUCE A WEAPON!  Who knows what happened, but hopefully the truth will come out soon enough. Myer's funeral was held on Sunday Oct. 26th. Flanery is currently enjoying his paid vacation, while a St. Louis police "internal" investigation is conducted. 

Another murderous thug: Officer Jason Flanery seen here, in this particularly cocky photo. This St. Louis cop has been identified has having gunned down 18 yr.-old Vonderrit Myers on Oct. 8th. Flanery is also reported to have express views on social media reflecting his right-wing political and racist biases. 
Jason H. Flanery

Cowardly murderer Darren Wilson is currently in hiding, but he still draws a pay check from the city of Ferguson. A grand jury decision on whether to indict piggy Wilson on... any criminal charges is expected any day now. In anticipation of the decision, Missouri governor Jay Nixon has declared a "state of emergency" in preparation of such a grand jury decision. Govt. Nixon also has the National Guard on stand-by. To confirm many people's fears on what the outcome might be, police terrorists agencies have been stocking up of military hardware since October. In another sign that is every bit as disturbing, area gun shops have reported a surge in sales in the days before the decision is expected. 

When that decision is made, it will be reported here, as everywhere else.


  1. Really? So I guess that the "Gentle Giant" was a saint huh? Funny the pictures of him assaulting the store owner just didn't look to Saintish, but I can find you pictures of Police Officer's like Wilson who are helping people, responding to calls, breaking up fights, stopping robbery's from real thugs like Brown. Give it a rest already with your "He Must Be Racist Because He Is White" crap, it is getting old... Not every White guy who has to shoot a black guy is a racist. Think about it, is every black guy who steals from a white guy a racist? Is every black man who shoots or beats up a white guy a racist? Is every black man who commits a felony against a white person a racist? People are People, regardless of skin color. Get Real...

    1. Clearly, your White privilege blinds you from seeing what is really happening here. In YOUR world, White cops are free and justified in murdering Black men over little to no provocation. Your words speak for themselves. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I guess the blacks on the grand jury and the blacks that confirmed officer wilson's story were lying. Look what the good citizens done to there own town on the night of the grand jury results. Sounds like good up standing citizens. Cops of any color have the right to use force if people resist arrest and fight for the officer's gun. How does you explain the black on black crime that is responsible for the biggest % of black's death? Who are they mad at.

    1. Several witnesses - all Black - have directly contradicted Wilson's version of events. And that three carefully selected sell-out Blacks were part of that jury is inconsequential. The racial make-up of that jury represents the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. However, given the racial make-up of near-by Ferguson where Brown was murdered (by a Ferguson cop), those Blacks on that grand jury were overwhelmed and out-numbered.

      And don't forget the fact that Ferguson, which is 80% Black, had been ruled by a police gestapo force which is virtually all-White and a city council which is 100% White, including the mayor.

      But good job on attempting to make up your own facts, as well as using the so-called "Black-on-Black" crime myth as a red herring.

  3. I sympathize with the death of Eric garner. He was murdered and his killer needs to be brought to justice. They choked the life out of that man as he pleaded for air. I saw the video so I know the truth. Mike Brown on the other hand was a verified thug. He robbed a corner store and when the small store owner confronted him he threw him to the floor and threatened him. Mike got what was coming to him. He lived like a thug and died like a thug.

    1. Racist prick, that you would classify Mike Brown as a "verified thug" and justify his murder (every bit as horrendous and criminal as that of Eric Garner) shows that Whites in this country have some very deep soul-searching to do. But I feel for you, bro. I sincerely hope that you rest well.