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Sunday, November 30, 2014

12 Yr-Old CHILD Murdered By Sub-Human Pig-Beast!

It has been said here and elsewhere many times before, that the monstrous atrocities committed by cops know NO earthly bounds. Sadly, we have been here before. And this will happen again. Whether it's gunning down children with toys, tossing flash grenades into baby's playpens, shooting elderly citizens, choking dogs, electrocuting disabled people, bludgeoning cuffed suspects, etc. etc. etc. We have been here before. Until the horrendous crimes of these pig-beasts are reigned in, this will happen again!


On Saturday November 22nd, Tamir E. Rice was murdered by a disgusting sub-human cop. Rice was twelve years old. He was playing with a toy bb gun at a playground when he was gunned down. This happened in Cleveland, OH. The pig-beast responsible for this cowardly act of infanticide has been identified as officer Timothy Leohmann. 26 year old Leohmann, a rookie pig, has been a gang member of the Cleveland Police Gestapo (CPG) for just over eight months. Leohmann's partner that day has been identified as officer Frank Garmback, 46. Garmback has been a gang member of the Cleveland Police regime since 2008. As usual, the innocent victim was Black - cops involved loathsome White peckerwood scum. Leohmann and Garmback were responding to a paranoid 911 call of "a kid walking around a playground with a gun, possibly fake". Rice was shot in the stomach within two seconds of these two pigs arriving on the scene. He was denied swift medical attention - a brazen human rights violation. Rice died at Metro Health medical center in Cleveland the next day. Rice was a 12 year old child and he was exactly where he should have been, doing exactly what he should have been doing at the time cops murdered him: in a playground PLAYING! 

The playground where Rice was shot is adjacent to the Cudell Recreation center. Rice had gone there with friends and his older sister. Audio of the initial 911 call can be listened to in its entirety HERE. In it, the caller (still unidentified at this point, but sounds like an elderly scared White man and is most likely a habitual cop-caller) describes Rice as "a guy with a pistol, pulling it in and out of his pants". One of the pigs at the scene who radioed in the shooting would describe the boy as "maybe a 20 year old male". It later turned out that Rice was indeed a 12 yr-old CHILD, of normal size and stature typical of any 12 yr-old child. Despite these facts, an online racist smear campaign targeted against Rice and his family is currently underway. This campaign was initially spearheaded by, a local "news" paper pertaining to regional affairs in and around the major Ohio city. is owned and pimped by an out-of-state corporate media consortium. You see, it's actually pretty goddamned hard to demonize a 12 yr.-old boy postmortem. So for the sick-minded who may be so inclined to do so, you simply attack the boy's family instead. This is what did. Attacking police murder victims and their families - this is becoming a sad and tiresome cliche and it seems to be almost unique in American degenerate society.         

Police infanticide: 12 yr-old Tamir Rice seen here. The unarmed Cleveland boy was murdered by cops on Nov. 22nd, while in a neighborhood playground. Rice was shot in the stomach. He did not die until the following day.
Gunned down: Tamir Rice, 12, was fatally shot by police on Saturday and passed away on Sunday

Child murderer: Officer Timothy Leohmann seen here, right. Leohmann was reported to have shot Tamir Rice within mere seconds of arriving (along with officer Frank Garmback) at the playground where Rice was playing.

Partner in Crime: officer Frank Garmback seen here. Garmback was riding in the same patrol car when Leohmann gunned down Tamir Rice in a local playground.

As part of standard operating procedure (SOP) for all police regimes in this country, Leohmann and Garmback have been rewarded with paid vacation. These two pigs got to spend their Thanksgiving with their families, stuffing themselves fat(er) while continuing to draw a paycheck from the city's tax-payers.  Meanwhile, Rice's body lies in a funeral home for viewing and awaits burial. Also as part of their S.O.P., the Cleveland Police regime released their "official" statement, where they LIE about Rice putting up resistance. The report's self-serving spin on the incident also essentially blames the young victim for causing his own death. So basically, the report released by the Cleveland Police regime would dare have you believe that this 12 year old boy committed "suicide-by-cop". For this evil, repulsive act of victim-shaming, the entire leadership the Cleveland Police should be sacked immediately! NO pay! 

Enough is ENOUGH! Fed up residents protesting the murder/torture of 12 yr-old Tamir Rice.
Anger: Demonstrators block Public Square in Cleveland on Tuesday as they protest the boy's shooting

And if pig Leohmann was lightening quick to put this 12 yr-old child down, he and his pig partner Garmback were sure slow in trying to help the young boy. Later reports reveal that immediately after the shooting, the two officers cowered behind their patrol car, allowing Rice to lie on the ground bleeding out. It would be several more minutes before qualified health workers arrived on the crime scene and administered emergency care. 

The murder of Tamir Rice is eerily and disturbingly similar to that of another case in Ohio.  As by covered by Targeting Cops HERE, back in August, John Crawford was murdered by cops in the city of Beavercreek, roughly 200 miles southwest of Cleveland. In the police murders of Rice and Crawford: 
- Both victims were Black.
- Both were holding TOY bb or pellet guns.
- Both were in possession of toy guns under perfectly innocent circumstances.
- The cops involved are all White.
- The racist 911 callers in each case is White.
- Both victims were shot dead where they stood within seconds of cops arriving, with almost NO chance of reacting, complying, etc.
- Both were denied immediate emergency care.
- Both were left to die, never knowing what they could possibly have done wrong. 

Now in Crawford's case, the two pigs involved (criminal officers Sean Williams and David Darkow of the Beavercreek Police Gestapo) have since been cleared by a grand jury. And considering what has been an awful pattern in other police murder cases - most glaringly that of Mike Brown - it can very well be expected that the two filthy, wretched thugs responsible for Rice's murder will also get off without facing any criminal charges.

This shit is UNACCEPTABLE! Aggravated Murder of a minor child (infanticide) in OH is punishable by DEATH (lethal injection, in this state's case)! Officer Tim Leohmann should not be rewarded with paid vacation. He should be arrested, prosecuted, put on trial, and if found guilty, EXECUTED! His scumbag partner, Frank Garmback, should be arrested and prosecuted as a criminal accomplice. If convicted, Garmback should serve 20 years to life in prison! 

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