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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Portland Police Thugs Flex Muscle Amid STRONG Solidarity Presence

As in other cities, Portland saw a huge turn-out tonight in support of Mike Brown, Ferguson, and victims of police violence everywhere. 

On Monday November 24th, an all-white grand jury returned their [predictable] decision not to indict Ferguson cop Darren Wilson of criminal charges of murder. As a result, the St. Louis suburb - as well as St. Louis itself - exploded into anger. People were fed up with cops murdering innocent people and getting away with it. Shortly after the news broke, solidarity marches took place in many American cities. Portland was no exception, having saw an emergency gathering shortly afterwards. Today, an even larger turnout appeared, marching through down town Portland then across the Burnside bridge. Portland solidarity actions were organized, in large part, by the All-African People's Revolutionary Party, the Albina Ministerial Alliance, Jewish Voice for Peace, and Occupy Portland, as well as a coalition of other groups. Many people who took part were likely motivated by revelations that three local Portland cops and state employees had demonstrated full support for piggy Wilson on their facebook pages. The three cops who posted the "I Am Darren Wilson" pictures are:

Rich Storm, PPB
Rob Blanck, PPB
Kris Barber, PPB

Here is a list of other Portland cops/state employees who "liked" the pictures:

Meredith Hopper, Portland Police Bureau 
Stephen Gandy, PPB 
Tyson Estes, PPB 
Rob Brown, PPB 
Betsy Hornstein, PPB 
Erin Anderson, PPB 
Lisa Clayton, PPB 
Chris Barker, PPB 
Scherise Hobbs, PPB 
Jack Hornstein, PPB 
Thomas Brennan, PPB 
Michael Currier, PPB 
Jen Hertzler, PPB 
Lacey Sparling, PPB 
Thomas Larson, PPB 
Zack Delong, PPB 
David Rasmussen, PPB  
Sara Rilling Clark, PPB 
Josh Uwah Ladd, PPB  
Darin Ladick, Oregon State Police
Micah Persons, Oregon Department of Justice, Criminal Justice Division 
Brian Dunkin, Marion County Sheriff's Office 
Scott Fink, Oregon Department of Corrections Transport Unit

This entry will be brief for now. More insight will be provided over the next couple of days. Thanks to ALL who made an appearance tonight!

*CORRECTION - In the previous blog it was stated that the grand jury who refused to indict piggy Wilson was 'all-White'. Turns out, this is incorrect, as there were actually three Black people who sat on that jury of 12. Three self-loathing TOMS who were willing to go along, in order to get along. Targeting Cops regrets this error.


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