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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Body Cams for Cops - BAD FUCKING IDEA!

   In the wake of various high publicity police murders this year - most notable that of Mike Brown, there has been a collective cry, a growing national demand, for police terrorists to be fitted with body cameras. This demand has been coming from many activists, as well as some of the family members of police murder victims. Predictably, some opportunistic whore politicians have gotten on the "body cam" band wagon. The Obama regime has also requested hundred$ of million$ to be allocated to fitting cops with body cams. This, on top of the billion$ in surplus military hardware that Obama and the federal govt. already supply to gestapo terrorist police regimes all over the country.

The central idea behind this demand is police accountability. It is understandable... but dangerously misguided. As the protest music video above by Rob Hustle demonstrates (and what ought to be common, obvious knowledge to all who pay attention), many police already have body cams. In many cases, pigs who are fitted with body cams simply turn them off, right before getting violent with someone. Not to even mention the fact that many police crimes (including many high-profile murders) have been captured by surveillance video, street/traffic cameras, and cameras mounted on the dash boards of police cruisers. also, many countless police crimes have been captured by ordinary citizen's mobile and other recording devices.

The the recent case of Darrien Hunt, (the 22 year old Utah man who was gunned down by police thugs while dressed in Anime cosplay back on Sept. 10th 2014) one of the two pig-monsters involved in Hunt's murder - officer Nicholas Judson - had been fitted with a chest-mounted body camera. However, the device was not turned on when Hunt was gunned down. And piggy Judson had later admitted to turning off his camera right before murdering Hunt. Despite their crimes, as well as their careless disregard for official police dept. policy, neither piggy Judson nor his partner in crime - cpl. Matt Schauerhamer - will never face criminal charges for the murder of Darrien Hunt. Both these criminal pigs remain employed gang members of the Saratoga Springs Police Gestapo (SSPG) to this day. 

As the police murder case of Darrien Hunt demonstrates - even cops who're fitted with body cams can simply turn them off at will. Minutes later someone ends up dead - beaten, shot, or choked to death - and NOBODY KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. These filthy-ass pigs can later fabricate reports and claim that the individual "lunged" at them... even though an autopsy report later shows said individual was shot in the back six times. Cops can claim that a person was "armed" before shooting them dead... this always turns out to have been an out-right LIE as well. These cops can murder someone at will, and simply make shit up afterwards. And if they're wearing body cams, they can just turn them off. Police commanders will later cover for lower cops by releasing official media statements claiming that cameras either "malfunction", or batteries keep dying, or that use of such devices aren't [typically] a part of dept. policy anyways. Oh, well HOW FUCKING CONVENIENT!

The cry for cops to be fitted with body-worn cameras in order to achieve some sort of accountability - is nothing but an EMOTIONAL REACTION. This is a terrible idea!

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