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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grand Jury Decision in Garner Case: NO INDICTMENT

The bastard responsible for the murder of Eric Garner will NOT being facing any criminal charges. Surprise, surprise! 

The sadistic, inhumane choking murder of brother Eric Garner was first covered by Targeting Cops HERE, back in July. On July 17th of this year, Garner, a Staten Island resident, was out minding his own business. He had no weapons on him. He had committed no crime. He had no criminal history to speak of. Unable to work due to an injury, Garner was alleged to have been selling "loose" cigarettes. This is a city ordinance violation at best. Typically, people receive a citation for such a piddly little nuisance. However, Garner had suddenly found himself cornered by several rabid dogs masquerading as NYC cops. Garner had already been unduly harassed by racist cops several times before - this would be expected given NYC's infamous "stop and frisk" policy. All of you reading this knows the rest. Garner asserted himself - lawfully and rightfully as a citizen, and he was killed as a result.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo is the main pig seen in both video and stills who put Garner in choke hold against NYPD policy. He is directly responsible for Garner's death! A coroner's report from NYC's medical examiner's office had even ruled Garner's death a homicide, as covered HERE. Yet Pantaleo walks free, continuing to draw a paycheck from NY tax-payers all this time. Now, he no-longer has to worry about ever facing criminal charges for what he did. On Wednesday December 3rd, a Staten Island grand jury declined the return a criminal indictment against the pig son-of-a-bitch who murdered Garner. Other pigs who had taken part in Garner's murder were never even considered by the D.A. for possible criminal charges. Actually, other cops present that day were offered immunity in exchange for their testimony. 

Staten Island District Attorney Daniel M. Donovan Jr. (who's White, of course) and his office dictated instructions to the grand jury. The racial makeup of this jury has not yet been publicly disclosed by Donovan's office. However, some sources with intimate details of the case have eluded that the jury (comprised of 22 or 23 civilians) is roughly half White, with the other half made up of Blacks and Hispanics. Again, it is of no surprise that a White D.A. would drop the ball on bringing criminal charges against a White cop who's committed a crime. But an article by The Daily Beast HERE may provide some insight as to why D.A. Donovan was particularly derelict in his duty. Further investigation reveals that Donovan is a wretched Roman Catholic. He attended a Catholic, all-boys christian madrasa, studied law at a private Catholic school, and ultimately obtained his law "degree" from a Catholic Jesuit "law school".,_Jr.

There really isn't much more to say here. The piece-of-shit cop who put Garner in that choke hold will probably never be punished for what he did... certainly not for Garner's death. And you know - it really is something that, given the particular circumstances in this case, that a grand jury would still come to the predictable yet ever fucked-up decision that they did. And as horrifying as the murder of Michael Brown was, Garner's killing had none of the nuances of the Brown case. Garner's death was captured on video and audio - very clear from beginning to end. No need to rely upon witnesses or sift through police LIES, because the whole goddamned world was able to see for itself what was done to Garner! Unlike the petty cigarillo theft that was alleged against Brown - which needlessly clouded the judgement of some and provided ammunition for racist agitators - Garner was at best alleged to have been selling "un-taxed" cigarettes. This is not a crime, but a city ordnance violation. Those cop thugs had no right to even attempt to arrest Garner in the first place! Garner's murder was officially ruled a HOMICIDE by the medical examiner's office back in Aug. Pig Pantaleo himself has had law suits against him, alleging abuse, sexual mistreatment, and unlawful detainment. Yet despite all these circumstances, NY's grand jury still saw fit to let the monster walk free.     

Garner's widow, along with his six children, the rest of his family, and friends will continue to mourn... to them, the husband, father, cousin, uncle, friend that they knew and cared for had just been murdered all over again. NYC residents have expressed their absolute outrage over the decision, and rightfully so. Meanwhile, Garner's family are filing a $75 million wrongful death suit against the NY police regime. GOOD!     

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