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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heroic Martyr Clips Two NYC Cops!

Finally, after a year of one nauseating horror story after another, some GOOD NEWS!

A Baltimore man has allegedly executed two wretched cops in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, in what has widely been described as a "revenge" attack.  

Screen shot 2014-12-20 at 3.59.30 PM

The alleged revenge killings took place on Saturday Dec. 20th in broad daylight. Shortly after shooting the two pigs, the alleged gunman then fled to a nearby subway station where it was reported that he had taken his own life in a final act of resistance. The gunman's name has been released as Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley. He was said to have been 28 years old. Other unconfirmed reports claim that Brinsley was a recent convert to Islam. It has also been alleged that Brinsley shot and wounded his girlfriend in Baltimore, Maryland, shortly before traveling to Brooklyn, NY where he gunned down the two pigs. However, this also remains unconfirmed as of now. 

#Brooklyngohard: Handsome, suave (alleged) cop-killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley seen here in what is likely one of his last photos. R.I.P.

They can't Breath: NYC officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu seen here. These are the two police thugs allegedly put out of their misery by Brinsley. It's been reported that their deaths were a response to the recent murders of innocent Black men, such as Mike Brown and Staten Island's Eric Garner. Eye for an eye...

The two worthless pigs allegedly killed by Brinsley have been identified as officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. They were reported to have been sitting in their patrol vehicle in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, collecting overtime, when they were both shot to death at close range, in broad daylight Saturday afternoon. At this time, not a lot is known about these two, that isn't mainstream-corporate media based, pro-cop propagandizing drivel. So here's hoping that over the following days and weeks, the hacktavist collective known as Anonymous will be releasing dossiers on these two dead cops. As for now, what can certainly be said is that these two particular cops - though presumably "innocent" (that is, their crimes unknown at this point) - were nonetheless active and willing members of a wide-spread and notorious criminal regime. Criminal, corrupt, racist, misogynistic, violent, sadistic, and wholly un-reformable down to its very wretched core. And comprised of approximately 34,000 active gang members (now 33,998), they are the largest police gang in the country. They are the New York police Gestapo (NYPG) and they are internationally known for its horrendous human rights violations. This includes stop and frisk (which remains widely in practice, despite a federal judge's ruling declaring the policy to be thoroughly unconstitutional). The NY police regime is also guilty of rape, torture, and felony murder. 

It was this sick, criminal mafia gang to which officers Ramos and Liu were willing members and participants. Perhaps they were only sitting in their patrol vehicle, mooching OT and nothing more when they were killed. Perhaps they hadn't "deserved it"... theoretically, as most belly-aching, "love-thy-enemy" liberals would argue. Maybe. That all said, this was long in coming. This should not have been a shock to anyone. You live like a thug, you die like a thug... that is what many people like to say, is it not?  

Grinning Pigs: this disgusting photo was taken during a pro-cop klan rally on Friday Nov. 19th, just a day before two of their own would get their wings. These three racist, sub-human beasts are clearly mocking murder victim Eric Garner, as he gasped his last words, "I Can't Breathe", while he was being choked to death by officer Daniel Pantaleo. 

The above photo is outrageous, to put it kindly. The three monsters featured - all off-duty NY cops - all should have been sacked for this! The photo was captured during a pro-police klan rally held last Friday Nov. 19th, on top the steps of City Hall. The rally was comprised of somewhere between 50 to 100 vile creatures. Many were off-duty cops, others were said to have been close friends/family of cops. Judging by photos and video of the "event", all of the pro-cop participants were middle-aged Whites, mostly men. Many were grotesquely bloated from years of steroid abuse. In typical thuggish fashion, they attempted they taunted and attempted to bully a group of protesters who were supporting Eric Garner, as they had been for months. The pro-Garner/anti-racist police group were holding their own rally that night. However, the 50 - 100 group of fat racists were easily dwarfed by the much larger (and much more diverse) anti-cop/pro-Garner rally.

Actions by police that night - both on and off duty - exemplify just what these putrid-ass cops are all about. Their actions speak for themselves. There is no "reform" to these monsters, anymore than a hard-wired pedophile can be "reformed". Perhaps violence is not always the answer. But clearly, some individuals see it differently. And one individual, by the name of Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, saw fit (in his mind) to take directive action.

The corporate media/pro-cop, neo-con/liberal smear campaign to tar and feather Brinsley post-mortem was underway immediately. Allegations into his supposed criminal past have been trumped up, as well as his alleged ties to Islam (so there's the "terrorist" angle). According to his family, Brinsley also had endured mental health issues for most of his young life, though his illness/s had never been adequately addressed (which says a lot about our decrepit health care matrix). The racist smear campaign to transform this brave but tormented martyr into a heartless demon (and link him inexplicably to peaceful police-reform activists, as well as so-called Islamic terrorism) has ratcheted up immensely since. A common tactic, and is to be expected in the wake of such heroic actions. In addition, NY mayor Bill De Blasio has asked that citizens protesting police terrorism and demanding accountability "halt" their actions! In his  uncharacteristically shameful attempt to grovel to the very police union that despises him so, Mayor De Blasio dared asked for a moratorium on anti-police actions... however peaceful, necessary, and LEGAL! In another shameless act of political cowardice, Brooklyn Borough president/house negro Eric L. Adams called for activists to "hold off" on any street actions until the corpses of the two slain cops have been "laid to rest".

But that is not all. It gets far more frightening. Patrick Lynch is head mafia boss of the ironically titled Patrolmen's "Benevolent" Association. The PBA is the largest police union/mafia in NYC. And they also happen to wield a lot of political power. Mob boss Lynch has exploited this moment as an opportunity to thrust himself into the political spot light, as well as the national stage. Lynch has directly blamed those protesting police terrorism for the deaths of two of his cops, saying that they had "blood on their hands". Even more chilling, he along with other union/mob officials have expressed a widely held sentiment that the NYC police have become a "wartime" police regime, and that they will "act accordingly". 

In other words, Lynch and his crony police union have DECLARED WAR upon anyone protesting police violence and murders. Cops are the soldiers, and activists are the enemy combatants. They will ACT ACCORDINGLY. These are the marching orders to a police force of about 34,000 armed thugs - to wage war, WAR, upon peaceful protesters!      

Police union mafia boss Patrick Lynch seen here during a recent klan rally.

Embattled NYC mayor Bill De Blasio seen here. 

Brooklyn Borough president/groveling house negro Eric L. Adams seen here.  

It is worth noting that mayor De Blasio is, with his faults, considerably more progressive than his predecessor billionaire Michael Bloomberg (who literally bought his mayoral position) and the vehemently fascist and racist Rudolf Giuliani before him. Also, De Blasio's wife Chirlane McCray is Black, and they have two biracial teenage children. This fact by itself is clearly irrelevant. However, given the greater context of events, it most certainly explains NYC cops having a collective loathing for De Blasio (because cops are fucking racist). And since two of their own were executed, the police union has had its long knives draw against the mayor. Unlike past NYC mayors, De Blasio has declined to arbitrarily condem those who protest police violence, right away. And because De Blasio isn't a racist, reactionary fascist (unlike past mayors), he has been in the crosshairs o the mafia police union since he took office in January 2014. The mafia police union's hatred for De Blasio has grown even greater since Eric Garner's murder back in July. The frightening level of vitriol against De Blasio from cops reached an insane fever pitch, when brother Brinsley put wings on two of their own Saturday afternoon. And predictably, cops, cop-lovers, and racist basement-dwellers have been crawling out of the woodwork to exploit the deaths of two pigs for their own personal agenda. A blood libel have now formed which will undoubtedly end with more casualties, if cops have their way. Again, I refer back to the email which was circulated to all members of the NYC police regime, which in no uncertain terms, declares war on the general population. And these cops are using the false flag of street gangs as their "WMD" excuse to wage this war. Don't forget, they already have the weapons, hardware, and Israeli/MOSSAD training to make war... largely thanks to Obama and the federal government, les people forget.

But despite police terrorist threats, many have openly voiced their [rightful] defiance against vile cops and the criminal regimes they belong to. And despite the sniveling and groveling of useless politicians who dare ask that citizens "halt" their protests, many have seen fit to continue on with their actions. And as well they should, as theirs (ours) is indeed a just cause. Platinum-selling Rapper The Game has been amongst those adding their voice and wisdom to this cause. Jayceon Terrell Taylor, who goes by his stage name The Game, is famous (and loathed) for not mincing his words. Taylor has already used his status to draw attention to the national movement to demand justice for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and other innocent murder victims of police terrorists. The Game gave NYC police thugs a piece of his mind, following shooting deaths of officers Ramos and Liu. 

Rapper The Game keeps shit real...

the game1

Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley's final comuniques:

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