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Thursday, January 22, 2015

St. Louis County Cops Beat WRONG Man... Oops!

Meanwhile back in St. Louis County, MO, a 22 year old college student was viciously beaten by a gang of cops over suspicion of a crime. Cops beating suspects is obviously nothing new. It is something that should never happen, but unfortunately, will always be with us, so long as we have cops. 
But it is much worse when these pigs beat INNOCENT people by mistake!

The horrific police encounter took place on Thursday January 15th 2015. It happened in St. Ann, a small city of over 13,000. St. Ann is a suburb to St. Louis, and lies within greater St. Louis county (same as Ferguson, if that gives you an idea of where this story is going). Joseph Swink, a Black 22 year old college student, was violently beaten by White pigs, whilst they were in pursuit of an alleged suspect with various arrest warrants. That suspect was later identified as Anton Simmons - a man reported to have had 17 separate warrants out for his arrest. Swink is an accounting student who was attending his studies at University of Missouri-St. Louis. He has no criminal record. Swink was driving back home from an internship along Interstate 70, just outside St. Louis. At this moment was when police thugs, jacked up for a beating, were engaging a dangerous high-speed chase with Simmons. As Swink tried to clear a path for fast and furious on-coming police cruisers, he had lost control of his vehicle and crashed. As the car began filling up with smoke, Swink quickly exited - only to be tackled by ferocious juiced up cops. Swink immediately found himself at the hands of a severe police beating, which resulted in serious lacerations to his right ear and left side of his face. Also, his car was now totaled. Basically, cops jumped the first Black guy they saw running. A report of this disgusting incident can be viewed HERE

Wrong Black Guy! Joseph Swink seen here. Swink was mistakenly brutalized by St. Ann cops, during a high-speed chase for a completely different man who only vaguely resembles him.

DOH! Aaron Simmons, the suspect St. Ann police were in hot pursuit of, when they ended up beating an innocent man in his place.

St. Ann Gestapo Police Chief Aaron Jimenez, seen here. 

In addition to a half-ass apology on behalf of the chief, the St. Ann Terrorist Police regime may likely pay Swink's medical bill. Incurred when Swink was being treated for severe injuries - caused by cops beating his face in.   
For his part, St. Ann Gestapo Police chief/self-loathing Latino Aaron Jimenez has "apologized" to Swink for the mistaken occurrence. Chief Jimenez also insists that his officers used the "least amount of force possible" when apprehending Swink - who immediately turned out to be the wrong fucking guy. Cops realized their "mistake" when other cops radioed in that they had a suspect in custody, from a completely different location - which happened to have been the right fucking guy! Wow. 

None of the cops involved in this crime have been identified, and they never will be. Needless to say, aggravated assault charges will never be levied. If the St. Ann police regime does indeed compensate Swink for medical costs, it will only be to persuade him from filing a civil suit against them. No word yet as to whether Swink will be compensated for the loss of his car - also a direct result of police actions. Hopefully, his insurance will cover that part at least. What should be pointed out is the fact that, these pigs were already jacked up to kick somebody's ass. That they did this to an innocent man who would not possibly have resisted, pretty much shows the sheer intent of how these vile pigs operate. The only language they speak is violence and brute force, and if you're a "suspect" then most times you don't even have the option to surrender without a severe beating. 

THIS is what police are like. This is their true nature. And frankly, it remains to be seen whether any amount of "reform" will ever change sadistic cop culture.     

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