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Friday, January 23, 2015

Jersey Cops Gun Down Motorist w/ His HANDS UP

In yet another act of blatant, racist murder, a Black motorist has been ruthlessly gunned down by vile, wretched pigs. One again, the victim had his hands UP, when he was shot. But this damned time, there is video of the crime! 

The police murder of Jerame C. Reid had taken place on Tuesday December 30th, 2014. However, a dashboard-mounted camera capturing the incident in its entirety had only recently been made public, making this a national story. The incident took place in Bridgeton, NJ. Back on Dec. 30th, 36 year old Reid was a passenger riding along with friend Leroy Tutt, 46. Tutt, who was driving, had been pulled over by two blood-thirsty gang members of the Bridgeton Police Gestapo (BPG) on a pretext of "failing to halt at a stop sign". The two pigs involved in this criminal act are officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley. The stop appeared to be routine at first. [driver] Tutt was asked to relinquish his license. Then, as if someone had flipped a switch, the the pigs when ape-shit. Apparently, a handgun was found in the glove compartment. Officer Days immediately goes into an insane rage, shouting expletives and death threats at [passenger] Reid to keep his hands up and to not move. Withing seconds, the situation drastically escalates, with both cops screaming at both the car's occupants, as they have their hands up. In the video, Tutt can clearly be seen with his left hand extended out of the driver's side window. Officer Worley grabs hold of his arm. Reid then exists the car from the passenger side, with both hands up. It is obvious he has no weapon. At this point, the cops could have simply tasered Reid. Instead, they both open fire, executing Reids on the spot. Tutt is arrested.     

Graphic video of the entire murder can be seen HERE. ***TRIGGER WARNING*** 

For clerical record, officer Braheme Days, the main antagonist in this incident, is a sell-out Black. His partner, officer Roger Worley, is a peckerwood White. Leroy Tutt and Jerame Reid are both Black. The murder victim is survived by his wife Lawanda Reid and a three month old child. It is not yet known whether any harm came to the other occupant of that car, Leroy Tutt. Days and Worley were both rewarded with paid vacation, pending an investigation. Blah, blah, blah...  

Dirty-ass, low-down, self-loathing pig Officer Braheme Days seen here, shucking and jiving for his masters.

Days' partner in crime and filthy, bastard-ass pig, Officer Roger Worley seen here.

Never one to break from routine, corporate mainstream media has wasted no time tarring and feathering the victim, post mortem. Reid's past conviction for shooting at cops (as a teenager... Reid was 36 at time of his death) was dredged up, as well as an apparent 2014 arrest for minor drug possession. So naturally, this all makes the victim's life worthless. You see, this is a typical pattern that media - in conjunction with police regimes and prosecutors - has followed for decades. So, whenever a Black person - whether innocent or suspect (the later, especially) - is murdered by either cops or racist vigilantes, here are a few guarantees you can count on happening:

- If the victim had any sort of criminal record, no matter how irrelevant, you WILL hear about it.
- If the victim had been suspected of an alleged crime, that will be harped upon, so as to justify that person's death.
- Any resistance on the victim's part - be it asserting one's Civil rights or attempting to preserve one's live - will be used as an excuse to justify their death.
- And in cases where the victim is simply too young (child/preteen) to vilify, any number of face-saving tactics will be employed as to absolve cops of wrong-doing. Even if NO measure of guilt or fault can be unfairly placed upon the victim. 

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