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Monday, January 19, 2015

Sniper Team Uses Mug Shots of Black Men As Target Practice!

Well, the new year is off to a lovely fucking start. A team of terrorist police snipers in Miami-Dade, FL have recently been found to have used the mug shots of young Black men as target practice at a shooting range. Not caricature cutouts of "hypothetical" Black men... the booking photographs of actual, existing human beings. Anyone who still insists that cops are not inherently racist is clearly on their side, and thus, must be regarded as the enemy! 

This is sick. Only a sick-minded animal (no offense to animals) would even think of such a thing. Then again, we're talking about cops here. The shooting range where this occurred - Medley Firearms Training Center - is located in Medley, FL, an incorporated town which lies within Miami-Dade county. The whole incident was blown open, thanks to a group of army guards persons who had arrived at the range to conduct their annual weapons qualifications training on Saturday January 10th. One of the FL national guards persons was Sergeant Varlerie Deant. It was then that Sgt. Deant and the rest of her group discovered the bullet-ridden mug shots. They had been nonchalantly left behind by the North Miami Beach snipers team, which had just used the facility prior. Finding out that police specifically trained to sniper specifications would use people's mug shots for target practice is disturbing, by itself. That they would only use the mug shots of Black teenage males is even more shocking. But upon closer inspection, once Sgt. Deant had realized that one of the photos was of her brother, Woody Deant, she was horrified. 

Army Sgt. Valerie Deant seen here. Deant was brought to tears, upon discovering that one of the men whose mug shot was used for target practice by vile cops, was in fact her brother Woody. 

Targeted by cops: Woody Deant seen here. The mug shot of his which cop snipers used as target practice dates back 15 years, when he was just 18 years old. Since then, Mr. Deant has been nothing short of a law-abiding citizen. However, racist peckerwood cops continue to place a bulls-eye on him.

Gestapo Police Chief J. Scott Dennis seen here. Chief Dennis supports the actions of his officers, when they decided to use mug shots of only Black men as target practice. Due to fallout from the controversy, he's been forced to suspend the sniper training program - at least temporarily. Why do all these police chiefs tend to be skinheads?

Deant's fellow comrades had to console her as she broke down. When she notified her brother Woody, he was understandably shocked and left speechless. His own photo has one bullet hole going through his forehead, another through the right eye. The mug shot was said to have been taken 15 years ago, when Woody Deant had been arrested in connection with a drag race which tragically, left two people dead. He was 18 years old at the time. Deant took the mug shots - photos of six individuals, himself included, printed out on a single sheet of paper - and uploaded them to his FaceBook account, in order to draw attention to what cops were doing. This sparked righteous outrage amongst users online, leading to a very public outcry against the North Miami Beach Police Gestapo (NMBPG). As a result, the NMB police terrorist regime was forced to suspend its sniper training program on Friday Jan. 16th. This was certainly a face-saving move meant to be temporary. But a move that terrorist scumbag cops in Miami-Dade were forced to make, nonetheless - GOOD! 

  "The picture actually has like, bullet holes. One in my forehead and one in my eye... I was speechless" - Woody Deant

NMB skinhead police chief J. Scott Dennis was forced to acknowledge that using photographs of Black men "might be offensive" to some people, and was "probably in poor judgement". However, he still defends the actions of his underlings. Typical bitch cop behavior. Chief Dennis went on to make excuses - claiming that his officers use the mug shots of White men, as well. That remains to be seen, but it does not matter. The point is, commercial shooting targets for purposes of firearms training are easily - and cheaply - available. Any police regime can purchase them wholesale. COPS SHOULD NOT USE PEOPLE'S MUG SHOTS FOR TARGET PRACTICE - END OF DEBATE! In the wake of the public's heightened enlightenment to widespread, endemic police abuse and murder - of People of Color in particular - these lousy goddamned pigs pull this crap. They've got some nerve, no doubt. Caught red-handed, yet further proof of what the police truly think of the [rest] of us. 

One last thought - 
If any civilian were to use the photo of an actual cop as target practice, or even posted a photo of a cop online with a bulls eye superimposed over his or her face - that would be considered a DEATH THREAT! That individual would then be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. Yet, the vile rotten pigs who went outside of standard procedure to do what they did - they will not be punished in any way, not even a lousy write-up. Once again, cops have full impunity to do whatever the Hell they please.  

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