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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deputy "Reservist" Murders OK Man - "Mistakes" Gun for Taser!

When professor and Civil Rights attorney Byran A. Stevenson released a study earlier this year, documenting in fine detail the history of lynching and racist terror in America, it probably came as a shock to many sheltered White liberals. To most Black people however, such a study - as extremely important as it is - was little to no news at all. Mostly everyone these days thinks of lynchings as a remnants of America's Jim Crow past, when the KKK confidently marched down this country's main streets without police protection. And many cops themselves openly declared their membership to the terrorist organization. 

Perhaps it is time we reconsidered this way of thinking. With the epidemic of police murders of Black people underway, perhaps we should consider that a new form of modern lynching is upon this country. 

Klan Kountry: Decrepit, peckerwood depute "reservist" Robert Bates, pictured left. Eric Harris, the unarmed Black man murdered by Bates, pictured right.

On Thursday April 2nd 2015, Eric Harris was executed by Robert Bates, a decrepit, 73 year old sheriff's "deputy reservist". This latest police murder/lynching took place in Tulsa, OK. Bates is a wealthy insurance executive, who donated/bribed great deals of money to the Tulsa Police Gestapo(TPG) over the years. Because of this, Bates was allowed to "volunteer" on occasion. Bates has since been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. If convicted, he faces a maximum of four measly, pissant years in prison. And this isn't even the first time a cop (or wannabe cop) apparently "mistook" his .38-caliber Smith & Wessen handgun for his police-issued taser, and ended up murdering an innocent person in the process. Let us not ever forget that of Johannes Mehserle, the former BART pig who shot Oscar Grant in the back on a subway platform on New Years 2009. Mehserle would also claim to have gotten confused about which was his taser and which was his gun, while defending his murder of Grant. In America/klan country, not only do Black lives seem to not matter, but they are cheap.


Harris was alleged to have attempted a street sale of an allegedly stolen hand gun, when Tulsa pigs moved in to arrest him. When Harris attempted to flee, cops attacked him. Harris was already on the ground and subdued by no less than two other cops, when "deputy reservist" Bates came along to have his chance at "playing cop". After all, he paid for the opportunity. When Bates deployed what he apparently thought was his taser, he shot Harris in the back instead. Harris was eventually taken to a hospital where he died an hour later. Harris was 44 years old. He was unarmed and posed no threat to cops, at the time of his execution. He leaves behind a 16 year old son named Aiden Fraley. According to Fraley, the decrepit Bates should have been in a retirement home instead of out on the street. Hardly ever, were truer words spoken.
Another father stolen: murder victim Eric Harris pictured here, along with his son Aidan Fraley, 16.

"He should have been in a retirement home, not out there on the street killing my dad!" - Harris' son Aiden Fraley.

A brother mourns: Eric Harris, pictured along with his brother Andre(left).

Here we go again: On the left is a taser/stun gun. On the right is an actually gun. Even to a blind person, the difference ought to be obvious. However, "deputy reservist" and wealthy police donor Robert Bates can't seem to tell. Even after having his training and certification records illegally falsified, one struggles to understand how he could not have known better...

As is so often the case, as more details emerge this case becomes increasingly awful and infuriating. Video - shot on a police-mounted body camera, no less - depicts the final gruesome moments of Harris' life. TRIGGER WARNING: video of Harris' arrest and summary execution can be watched HERE. In the video, one can unmistakeably hear the single gunshot. When a distressed and mortally wounded Harris exclaims that he has just been shot and is losing his breath, one of the animals holding him down yells, "FUCK YOUR BREATH!". That can be clearly heard as well. Also, on April 16th a damning report came out claiming that Tulsa County reserve deputy's records declaring Bates to have been adequately trained were in fact falsified! Tulsa County sheriff Stanley Glanz claimed that Bates had completed the minimum 480 hours of field training required of all reservists, and was "certified" to use up to three handguns, including the .38-caliber used in Harris' murder. However, according to a report by The Tulsa World newspaper, supervisors were ordered to sign off on training sessions Bates never completed, and firearms certifications he never earned. When three supervisors initially refused to criminally falsify paperwork on Bates' behalf, they were "reassigned" to other departments. And even though sheriff Glanz insists that Bates was properly trained and certified, he was forced to admit that the paperwork to prove such claims "could not be found". Oh well HOW CONVENIENT!

Tulsa County sheriff pig Stanley Glanz pictured here giving a media conference in defense of Bates. It's worth noting that Bates, a wealthy insurance exec, donated heavily to Glanz's campaign for Tulsa sheriff. The two good ol' boys also have close personal ties.

Conspiracy/cover-up: Dylan Goforth and Ziva Branstetter seen here in media interview on April 16th. They are the reporters who first broke the story of Robert Bates' falsified records at The Tulsa World newspaper. The two have since "resigned" from the paper.

UPDATE: On Monday April 20th, it was reported that the two journalists who first broke the story on Bates' falsified records have since mysteriously resigned from the paper they worked for. Reporters Dylan Goforth and Ziva Branstetter first broke that story on The Tulsa World paper. They cited anonymous sources which said that Bates never completed state-required field training, nor weapons certifications in order to be a deputy reservist. The two also reported that when three supervisors refused to break the law and falsify papers for Bates, they were sacked. Paperwork proving Bates training were never produced by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. Now Goforth and Branstatter are no-longer at TTW. The paper's executive editor, Susan Ellerbach, claimed that the two reporters had "taken job opportunities elsewhere". Riiight!     

UPDATE: On Wednesday April 15th, at least two other animals involved in Harris' heinous death have been identified. Their names are deputies Joseph Byars and Michael Huckeby. Byars has been identified as the one who yelled at Harris, "FUCK YOUR BREATH", as as a shot Harris was bleeding to death. Huckeby has been identified as the one kneeling into the back of Harris' neck. Byars would later make the outrageous claim that he did not know that Harris was shot when he mocked the victim who said that he could not breath. Both of these pigs would also claim that Harris would "struggling" and "resisting". However, it is nearly impossible to tell from the video whether Harris was indeed struggling... or whether he was being tortured by sadistic, racist cop thugs.

Black Genocide: This video image still depicts Eric Harris face-down on pavement, with wild rabid animals on top of him. At this moment Harris has just been shot by Bates, notice the blood running down his right arm.

Roid rage: This dork with the stock "tribal" tattoo on his left arm is deputy Michael Huckeby. He is the one with his knee on Harris' head.

UPDATE: On Tuesday April 21st, a judge granted Bates permission to attend a planned vacation to the Bahamas while he remains out on bail. That insane decision was made during a court hearing in which Bates formally pleaded "not-guilty" in Harris' murder. White privilege has rarely been soo brazen.


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