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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Man's Throat Crushed By Cop Beasts - Dies A Week Later

In Baltimore, Maryland, a young man was viciously attacked by a pack of wild animals on Sunday April 12th 2015. That man has been identified as Freddie Gray. Gray later died in an area hospital on Sunday April 19th, a week after his violent encounter with the animals: vicious gang members of the Baltimore Police Gestapo(BPG). According to reports, Gray's throat was crushed and his spinal cord at the neck was 80% severed. A preliminary autopsy report later concluded that Gray died from spinal injuries. 

News of Gray's death has been followed by days of major protests, demanding immediate action be taken against the monsters responsible for his murder. In the wake of all this, six Baltimore police thugs have been suspended with pay (paid vacation) as a result. These six animals, one female, five males, have also been identified. They are:

Lieutenant Brian Rice, 41.
Officer Caesar Goodson, 45.
Sergeant Alicia White, 30.
Officer Edward Nero, 29.
Officer William Porter, 25.
Officer Garrett Miller, 26.

The so-called Justice Department has also announced that it will be begin an investigation into the circumstances leading up to Gray's murder. We'll see how that turns out, but don't hold your breath for justice. Apparently there are serious, systemic problems in Baltimore, which make that city's police regime one of the worst in the country. 

Gray was 25 years old. He had committed no crime, nor was he accused of a crime. The very reason Gray was even arrested was because cops had made "eye contact" with him, and he ran away from them. That's it. That is literally the reason given for Gray's arrest, beating, and subsequent violent, horrific death. Gray was later charged - postmortem - with "carrying a knife". It's never been argued that Gray had used a knife, or any sort of weapon, against officers or anyone else. Nor was it ever claimed that cops knew that Gray had some pocket knife on his person, at the time they were profiling and harassing him. This is fucking unacceptable. The monsters responsible for Gray's murder should all be taken into custody, and charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER! Since the state of Maryland has not enforced capitol punishment since 2013, these bastard-ass cops should all be sentenced to life in prison without parole, if convicted!

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