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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mumia Released From Hospital, Taken Back to Prison

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been released from a hospital in Pottsville, PA and taken back to prison. Mumia was initially hospitalized on Monday March 30th under mysterious circumstances. Later confirmed to have been a medical emergency related to diabetes complications, Mumia's condition had at first not been publicly made known by prison officials. Actually, Mumia had not always had diabetes. It was a condition which had recently developed, almost certainly due to the horrendous diet and lack of sufficient nutrients prisoners typically have access to, while behind bars. It's really something international human rights groups ought to be looking into. But HEY - when you're a mega-super power such as the Imperial U.S., you can do no wrong. Our prisoners are treated humanely, our laws are just, our courts are impartial, our voting system is fair, and our food supply is not slowly poisoning us... *everyone knows this.
But this medical emergency should be seen not as a standard case of gross neglect, so much as but the latest attempt on Mumia's life. One has to keep in mind, Mumia's life has been in danger ever since he was framed for the bogus killing of a Philadelphia cop in 1981. On the very night of his false arrest, Mumia was shot in the chest, but obviously survived. His head was then slammed into a telephone pole by cops, while on a gurney. He was savagely beaten by cops while he was taken to the hospital. And at least one cop was documented as having stepped on Mumia's drainage tube while in the emergency room. Of course, Mumia had been on PA's Death Row up until 2013, so no less than three execution orders had been fended off by his lawyers, family, friends, and immense international support. Since his grossly unjust imprisonment, Mumia has become possibly the most regarded political prisoner in the world (and he has very righteous company). He has become a top arch nemesis for for philly cops, prosecutors, corrupt court judges and worthless politicians based in PA, and most of all... the Fraternal Order of Police. All of these forces have tried to murder Mumia several times by now. At this point they know that they cannot simply shot him down in his cell, or even have him befall some "mysterious accident". So their now is to just let him die of medical malfeasance. Fortunately, those who are close to Mumia are onto such nefarious plans. Now, in the wake of Mumia's medical developments, a fierce international movement is underway to not only demand that he receive proper treatment, but that he be immediately freed!

Mumia was released from the Intensive Care Unit at Schuylkill Medical Center on Wednesday April 1st 2014. He was taken back to the infirmary at SCI Mahanoy prison in Frackville, PA. Further details on this can be viewed in the Democracy Now link HERE. When Mumia was first taken to the hospital outside of prison (a move which is rare and said to be done only when an inmate is in the most graven medical need), he had gone into diabetic shock. This was caused by the fact that he was given the wrong medication (whether negligently or on purpose - this has not yet been determined). As a result, his blood-sugar levels skyrocketed to a dangerously high 779, sending him into a diabetic coma (by comparison, normal blood-sugar levels are about 140 average, after a meal). By the time he was taken to Schuylkill Medical Center, Mumia was within hours of dying. Neither friends nor family had been notified of the medical emergency. The only way it was found out was when long time friend and ally Johanna Fernandez had gone to check on him in prison... only to discovered he was not there. 

After a couple of days of stonewalling - on both information and permission of visits), prison officials finally allowed members of Mumia's inner circle to see him. Before being discharged, Mumia was able to see his wife Wadyia Cook-Jamal, his brothers Kieth and Bill Cook, and his eldest son Jamal Hart. When they saw Mumia, his condition had stabilized but he was still thirsty and in pain, with labored breathing. With one arm shackled to a gurney frame and the other arm hooked to an IV drip dispensing insulin, the life-long radical activist was surrounded by armed guards during his entire stay at the hospital.  

Unbreakable family ties: This 2014 photo shows Mumia along with his oldest son Jamal Hart and his brother Keith Cook. 

(L to R)long time attorney Rachael Wolkenstein, Mumia, and wife Wadiya Cook-Jamal.

Comrades in Arms! Mumia seen here along with long-times friends/supporters Johanna Fernandez(L) and Heidi Boghosian(R). 

There is now a national and international movement to save Mumia's life, and see to his being released from prison all together. Due to his complete innocence, combined with a thoroughly corrupt PA judicial system, there has always been a sustained effort to see that Mumia be given a fair trial, if not an immediate pardon. Several execution orders by the state of Pennsylvania have been successfully thwarted by his lawyers over the years. Now it appears the state is trying to murder the former Panther by default. On Friday April 3rd, supporters rallied outside SCI Mahanoy prison in Frackville, PA to demand that Mumia receive medical care from non-prison doctors. Supporters also demand that Mumia be granted rightful visitation by his family, friends, and lawyers. On Friday April 10th, a National Day of Action is planned to take place in cities all over the country. Many conscious citizens - including long-time Mumia supporters, prison reform and racial justice activists, and various solidarity groups with #Ferguson, #Don'tShoot, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, will rally in U.S. cities in order to demand that Mumia be allowed humane and adequate medical treatment, as well as draw attention to continued and unjustified incarceration.

For many years, Mumia has been providing commentary addressing many topics, from the state of American racial affairs to global farcical war on terror, Israel's continued genocide against Palestinian people, the corporate/military/police-state/surveillance/industrial matrix, and the insane drug war, as well as many other issues. Despite imprisonment and dire medical issues, he has not skipped a beat yet. His weekly commentary is broadcasted on Prison Radio, and can be listened to HERE.

There is a short documentary which makes the case for Mumia's innocence, and points out his fight against the Philly Police Gestapo, as well as a racist court system. It is called 'Manufacturing Guilt' and it can be viewed HERE.

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