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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ramsey Orta Faces Continual Retribution from Vile Cops

The heinous crimes of police terrorists all over this country and world are not always limited to their immediate victims. Indeed, police terrorism often extends beyond the immediate shooting, beating, and choking victims we always heard about up front. For those brave citizens who dare attempt to keep these monsters in check and expose their crimes, they too are often subjected to the utter wrath of vengeful "law" enforcement as well. For his courageous act, Feidin Santana - the man who filmed Walter Scott's murder in Charleston, S.C. earlier this month - he currently fears for his life and safety. Another man who already knows Santana's situation all too well, is Ramsey Orta

Ever since he filmed the police choke hold murder of Eric Garner in July 2014, Ramsey Orta and his family have been facing retaliation and nonstop harassment by sadistic criminal gang members of the New York Police Gestapo(NYPG). After another stint at NY's Riker's Island for yet another bogus false charge, Orta was released on Friday April 10th 2015. A month after Garner was killed (and a day after a local coroner declared Garner's death a homicide), Orta was falsely arrested on a phoney "gun" charge. New York district attorney Dan Daonovan would later seek an indictment against Orta, even though a grand jury assembled by Donovan refused to seek any criminal indictments against the thugs responsible for Garner's murder - including scumbag officer Daniel Pantaleo. To this day, the only person involved in the saga that is the Eric Garner murder case that has been arrested and prosecuted - is the person who filmed it! Shortly after Orta's first arrest in August 2014, Orta's wife Chrissie Ortiz was falsely arrested on phony "assault" charges. Not only that, but Orta's brother and mother have all been arrested over the last few months! Orta insists (and all evidence suggests as such) that ever since he filmed Garner's murder last July, cops have made it a point to retaliate against not only him, but his entire family.
This is what happens when you film the cops: Chrissie Ortiz, wife of Ramsey Orta, gives a T.V. interview last year. Ortiz speaks of the false arrests of her husband and herself, as well as non-stop harassment of her family by NYC cops.

In February 2015, Orta was arrested again. This time, it was a phony, trumped up "drug" charge. Since then, supporters have set up a 'Go Fund Me' account in order to raise bail for the embattled cop-watcher's release. However, scumbag D.A. Donovan had initially refused to respond to the effort, and ordered a so-called "bail source hearing" to determine  whether funds raised on Orta's behalf were of a "legal" manner. This is particularly outrageous since money raised via crowd-sourcing is considered to be completely legitimate. Thankfully, after a critical mass of public blowback, dirtbag Donovan caved and rescinded his order. On April 10th Orta was allowed to walk out of Riker's Hellhole, after family and supporters posted his bond. He had been sitting in the notorious jail for over two months.    

It's extremely worth noting that, during Orta's stint at Riker's, a scandal had broken out alleging that correctional guards had been dosing inmate's meals with rat poison. On March 3rd 2015, 19 inmates fell extremely ill with nausea and vomiting. It was later discovered that the meatloaf served to the prisoners was laced with rat poisoning. Because of this, Orta had gone on a hunger strike, in fear that prison guards would poison him as well. Meanwhile, the men poisoned back in March have filed suit against Riker's Gulag and the city of NY. 

Ramsey Orta has up-coming court hearings. There is no telling what dirty illegal tricks the D.A. will try and come up with in order to deny Orta his civil rights. Already, many people have shown an outpouring of solidarity for Orta - who happens to be a hero. This support will continue, as the police and prosecutor assaults upon Orta and his family are also seen as assaults on the Black Lives Matter movement. And D.A. Dan Donovan is himself a criminal scumbag, who doesn't think twice about breaking the law for his own political agenda. Reader, may you be made aware that Donovan happens to be running for a congressional seat on the racist GOP ticket. He has received heavy donations from terrorist police gangs. And in a recent campaign debate, a man accused Donovan of having blood on his hands, before being forcibly thrown out of the venue. 

For a great article on Ramsey Orta, (NYC mayor) Bill de Blasio, and police thuggery in general, go HERE. Justice for Orta, Eric Garner, and ALL victims of police terrorism must be sought! By any means, no matter what!   

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