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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chicago Pays Victims of Police Torture, As New Claims of Abuse Arise.

The city of Chicago will pay out a $5.5 million settlement to victims of police torture. The settlement is the first of its kind in the U.S. and will be divided amongst dozens of people. The recipients had all been tortured by Chicago police thugs during a period spanning from the 1970's to the early 1990's and almost all of them are Black men.

The crimes in question were all mostly perpetrated by former police Cmdr. Jon Burge. Burge, now 67, was commander in the Chicago Police Gestapo(CPG) whose reign of terror lasted from 1972 to 1991. He and his so-called "midnight crew" of rogue detective cops are known to have tortured hundreds of people - mostly all innocent Black men - during this period. Burge had also as a sergeant and military officer during his "service" in the American War of Aggression on Vietnam, in the late 1960's. Burge had committed numerous war crimes during this period, which was both routine and encouraged in the U.S. military then. He would adopt tactics used in that war to torture arrested people in a Chicago police station. This begin as soon as he became a police "detective" in 1972(detective being in "" since a detective's duty is to investigate crimes. But Burge was clearly not concerned with this, and in fact was committing crimes during his entire tenure as a cop). And beating confessions out of innocent people barely begins to cover what happened. Burge and his cohorts would also electrocute suspects by means of a "black box". This was a tactic directly borrowed from Vietnam, when American soldiers would use a crank-up field telephone to deliver electric shock to captured war prisoners (innocent civilians, mostly). In addition to electrocution(and vicious beatings, obviously), suspects were also suffocated, mock executions were conducted, and men's genitals were attacked using sado-homosexual methods. This all was largely done to extract false confessions, but probably for fun as well.   
Chicago cops torturing suspects, employing tactics they used during their stint as soldiers in the War on Vietnam. This was an early example of military methods(even those banned by international law, such as torture) having been directly applied to a civilian population - via law enforcement. This concept of the "war coming home" would come to manifest itself in very visceral and ugly ways, decades later.

Chicago's shameful legacy: Demonstrators hold up tapestries displaying the names of various torture victims, and when they were tortured. 

This black box with its wires and crank shaft is quite similar to the device Jon Burge used to deliver electric shock to innocent men from 1972 to 1991. The false confessions extracted from the use of this box lead to many dozens of convictions, including some death sentences. Nearly all of these convictions would be vacated or annulled years later. 

In October 2008 Jon Burge was arrested and charged with two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury. In June 2010 he was convicted on all three counts.   In January 2011 Burge was sentenced to a measly, pissant four and a half years in federal prison. He was released in October 2014. He had served less than four years(typically, 90% of federal sentences are served) of his sentence. Numerous civil suits against Burge, the Chicago Terrorist Police regime, (former mayor) Richard Daley, and various other actors are pending. Keep in clear mind that this obese sub-human pig never served a day in prison for having actually tortured people and ruining lives... but for simply LYING about it during a series of depositions beginning in the late 1980's. Despite the fact that he is now a convicted felon, Burge continues to collect a $54,000 pension. Below is a chart displaying the true cost(and counting) of Burge's 19-year crime wave:


Even as this historic settlement to compensate torture victims, as well as formal acknowledgement of past police crimes in Chicago are being laid out, fresh and recent allegations of extreme abuse at a notorious police black site come to bare. NOT A SINGLE LESSON LEARNED! Chicago's Homan Square - a facility in the city's industrial quarters - is a notorious "black site" that cops having been using since 2005. Targeting Cops first covered this issue HERE, and since then new and increasingly garish allegations keep pouring out from this police Warehouse of Horrors.   

One particularly vile account of police torture at HS comes from a man named Angel Perez. Perez was, and remains innocent by all accounts. He was never arrested, so much as kidnapped by Chicago cops. Those this has on;y recently come to public light, these allegations date back to October 20th 2012, when Perez initially profiled and stopped during a police DWL stop(Driving While Latino). Perez was working as a restaurant delivery driver at the time. He also had a minuscule amount of personal marijuana on him, which cops discovered during an illegal and unconstitutional search. From there, the screws were placed on Perez, as they used this pissant "drug find" as leverage to compel Perez to "aid" police in pursuing an alleged drug dealer. When Perez met with detectives the next day, as he had agreed to(under coercion/duress/threat of arrest/who knows...), he had extended his hand for a shake. Instead, cops turned him around, cuffed him, took him to HS, and sodomized him with the barrel of a police-issued Glock.        

“I hear that a big black nigger dick feels like a gun up your ass.”  - What Angel Perez alleges police detectives said to him inside Homan Square, right before they sexually assaulted him with a gun barrel in Oct. 2012. Perez recently filed a law suit, specifically naming officers Jorge Lopez and Edmund Zablocki as the chief cops who tortured and assaulted him.

Explicit accounts of what police did to Perez can be read HERE, in all their revolting detail. Chicago police also took glee in letting Perez know what a, "sexy little bitch" he would be in jail. It gets worse, of course it does... but let's avoid redundancy here. Point is, these cops are fucking sick! They are monsters. They are not human! Again, we come back to that concept of the "war coming home"... 

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