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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Obama Signs "Blue Alert" Bill Protecting Terrorist Cops

There should be little doubt by now that Barack Obama has done more to usher in the totalitarian police-state, more so than any other American president before him. That's saying an awful lot, since all U.S. presidents going [at least] as far back as Nixon have done their part - but it happens to be goddamned true. 

In the wake of highly publicized police murders across the country, as well as hyper-militarized police responses to subsequent protests of said murders, president Obama announced on Monday May 18th that he would ban certain types of military hardware from use by local police regimes. This might have seemed like a teeny tiny step in a positive direction... but alas, there was a caveat. The very next day, Obama signed a so-called "Blue Alert" bill into law, establishing an unnecessary, uncalled for, and expensive system for protecting cops against so-called "threats". This new oppressive law acts as a sort of "Amber Alert" system for cops, see: a national data base to be set up in which all police agencies local/state/federal can patch into, in order to quickly assess so-called "threats" against officers anywhere. 

Below are NYC cops Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. They both are quite dead. Ramos and Liu were ambushed and killed by a would-be assassin in Brooklyn on Dec. 20th 2014. The so-called "Blue Alert" bill Obama signed this past Tuesday was in response to the two cop killings. 

Obama signed the bill in a public showcase surrounded by television cameras, as well as the families of dead officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. Reminder: Ramos and Liu were two NYC lowlife cops who were ambushed and shot dead in Bedstuy-Brooklyn last December. Their assassin was a man named Ismaaiyl Abdulluh Brinsley. He was from Baltimore, Maryland, a city which would come to be in the news much more in the following months. Shortly before killing Ramos and Liu, Brinsley had announced on his Twitter account that he would be, "putting wings on pigs" and "putting pigs in a blanket". His actions were alleged to have been revenge for the police choking murder of Eric Garner months earlier, though this theory remains up for debate. Shortly after delivering wings to Ramos and Liu, Brinsley headed to a nearby subway, communicated one final tweet, and shot himself in a restroom.     

Capitulator-in-Chief: According to Obama, Black lives do matter... but cop's lives matter much more.   obama-signs-blue-alert-bill

Still waiting (patiently) for Obama to sign that "I CAN'T BREATH" bill that would ensure automatic job loss as well as criminal prosecution of all cops who murder innocent people. It must be sitting on his presidential desk. I'm sure he'll get around to signing it any day now...  

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