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Sunday, May 31, 2015

We Need To Talk About Cleveland...

Oh dear, we've been here before. 

For the past few years Cleveland, OH has had its fair share, to say the least. Cleveland may be a lot of things, historically. Some of those things might even be good. But for the time being, Cleveland is the city where Tamir E. Rice met his untimely demise at the hands of a vile, wretched cop. The infanticide/aggravated murder of Rice was first covered HERE. November 22nd 2014, 12 year old Tamir Rice was playing with a toy gun at a local recreation center. Someone(unidentified, scared White man) called 911, describing a "Black male with a gun, possibly not real". Within two seconds of cops showing up, Rice was shot in the stomach. Possibly life-saving medical attention was denied, and during those crucial moments a 12 year old child was left to bleed out on the snow-covered ground. It was not until a staggering FOUR MINUTES LATER, did an off-duty, much more well trained FBI agent show up to give Rice CPR. And when the boy's 14 year old sister ran to his aid, she was quickly tackled(and possibly molested) by cops on the crime scene. She was cuffed and thrown in the back of a squad car as her younger brother lay in a pool of his own blood. Rice died in the hospital the following day. Initial police reports described Rice as a "20-something year old male, pointing a gun at other people". It describes responding officers as having "felt threatened". That they gave Rice orders to "drop the weapon". None of this bares even a vague resemblance to reality, not at all. 

THIS is what Cleveland is currently most 
known for. An update on the Rice case will be provided towards the end of this post. But we are revisiting the Ohio city because it's not all that's been going on there.

On Saturday May 23rd 2015, officer Michael Brelo, was acquitted in the double-murder of 43 yr-old Timothy Russell and 30 yr-old Melissa Williams. Brelo, 31, is a gang member of the Cleveland Police Gestapo(CPG). Out of an investigation which initially saw dozens of cops suspended(most with pay), Brelo was the one single pig to have accually faced trial for the double-homicides of Russell and Williams. On November 29th 2012, the Black couple were driving in their Chevy Malibu when they were racially profiled and pulled over by racist Cleveland police. This incident led to a chase(because the couple were in fear for their lives, with damned good reason) which involved more than 60 patrol cars and more than 100 cops from multiple jurisdictions. At least 137 bullets were fired into Russell and Williams' car. When the vehicle came to a stop, Brelo - jacked up on steroids - jumped on top the hood of the car, as if in an action movie, and fired 15 shots(emptying his clip, basically) directly into the windshield. Williams and Russell were each shot 24 and 23 times(respectively), overall. Both had suffered numerous fatal wounds. They were innocent, unarmed, and had never posed a threat to officers at any point. According to many reports on this, cops went berserk when the car Russell was driving had backfired. Police apparently had mistaken this for "gunfire"... and how convenient. 

Melissa William's autopsy report can be viewed HERE
Timothy Russell's autopsy report can be viewed HERE.

Black genocide in Cleveland: The two victims seen here, along with their bullet-ridden Chevy Malibu.
Maniac cop: This is what's left of the windshield of the car that Timothy Russell and Melissa Williams were riding in, when Cleveland psycho cop Micheal Brelo emptied his clip into the vehicle. Both occupants were killed instantly. Brelo was acquitted of their murders on Sat. May 23rd. 

In this forensics photo shown during trial, bullet trajectories as well as shoe prints from officer Brelo climbing the vehicle's hood, are displayed. This is nothing short of depraved, extreme OVERKILL! No attempt to arrest, no chance to surrender, no crime ever alleged. The two innocent people inside were simply executed...

Brelo was found not guilty by an all-White jury on two counts of involuntary manslaughter on Saturday May 23rd. Once again, a psychopathic, racist cop gets away with the crime of murder. Outrage, street actions, and clashes with police ensued. Protests were largely non-violent, but that changed the moment heavily armored police gestapo began to ruthlessly crack down. Overall, 71 people were reportedly arrested over the Memorial day weekend. Brelo still faces some "disciplinary" measures, but the possibility of going to prison is no-longer a concern for him. The cowardly cop has reportedly fled the city shortly after trial, and is hiding out for the time being. Brelo will most likely never work the streets of Cleveland again(due to the high profile nature of the case), but is certainly free to relocate to another unsuspecting city and continue his career as a murderous piece-of-shit cop. Meanwhile, Cleveland is not done yet. The city still has the pending racist slayings of two other innocent Blacks to contend with in the coming months. Investigations into the November 2014 infanticide murder of Tamir Rice by rookie pig Timothy Leohmann is ongoing. And in the wake of Brelo's post-verdict, renewed interests has also been placed upon the depraved police murder of Tanisha Anderson

Anderson, 37, was brutally slain by Cleveland cop thugs on November 12th 2014. Even though her murder had occurred ten days before Tamir Rice would be gunned down, Anderson's case received little national attention at the time. Continuous events in Cleveland, as well as a growing movement to draw attention to female victims of police murder have rightfully placed a renewed spotlight back on the Anderson case. 

Anderson was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. According to reports, she was going through a mental health crisis when family members with whom she lived, called 911. Naively hoping some sort of medical service would show up, two cops came instead. Within a few minutes, these violent pigs had slammed her head into a sidewalk, grinding her face into the pavement, with a knee in her back as she was being cuffed. She lost consciousness, was denied any medical attention, and was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night. Anderson was never violent nor a danger to anyone, but was acting disoriented and wondering out in the freezing Mid Western cold, wearing only a nightgown. Since Anderson was half-naked, there's a good chance cops molested her as well. As mentioned before in previous entries, sexual assault is simply par for the course for any woman/girl who has an interaction with a male cop. That's just a damned fact. One of the thugs involved in Anderson's death is officer Scott Aldridge, of the Cleveland Police Gestapo(CPG). Aldridge happens to be a LIAR with a history of violence - surprise, surprise. The other cop is officer Bryan Myers. Myers' personnel file can be viewed HERE, with some redactions. Aldridge's personnel file(same redactions) can be viewed HERE.

Nearly eight months later, neither of these two bastard-ass cops has been criminally charged in any way. A so-called "investigation" continues to drag on, but many details regarding Tanisha Anderson's violent death remain unknown. Both cops remain on paid vacation.  

As for the case of Tamir Rice: much the same is to be said. Timothy Leohmann, the rookie pig who shot Rice, has also not faced prosecution. In fact, neither Leohmann nor his more seasoned partner, officer Frank Garmback, have ever been questioned by investigators. Between the two cases which happened within ten days of each other, not a single indictment has been levied, not a single cop has lost his worthless job, not a single head has rolled. Only a couple of funerals. On a particularly sad(and cruel) note, Tamir's body was cremated on May 4th. His family had been keeping the boy's body on cold storage for months, in hopes that further crucial evidence might have needed. Plus, the trauma of a possible exhumation later on was... undesirable to say the least. Unfortunately, months of needless foot-dragging by investigators(and the $75 per-day extortion cost of preserving Tamir's body - even as evidence in a criminal investigation) proved to be too much for his mother Samaria Rice. Law suits against the Cleveland Terrorist Police regime in both the Rice and Anderson cases are pending.
To view a data base which keeps a tally on all police murders in the U.S. dating back to 2013, go to Killed By Police...

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