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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Madhouse U.S.A.!

I gotta admit, I did not expect this. I had been convinced for more than a year that criminal war-monger Hillary Clinton would've all but assailed to the White House with little more than a phony show election. Her rise did seem under real threat from Bernie Sanders for awhile. But after those leaked emails came out exposing the DNC as having railroaded Sanders in favor of Clinton, she was once again on top. And once the racist joke candidate Donald Trump came out as the sole Republican challenger, it all looked even more clear. Two horrible, racist, criminals yeah, but of course they would give it to Clinton duh! No choice for the voters, not really. It's already been decided. The situation had already been dire, the country already fucked beyond redemption. 

Tuesday night reminded me that as bad as things were, they could (and often will) always get much worse. I now know that this miserable slaughterhouse AmeriKKKa is even more insane and even more overrun with dangerous dumbfucks than I had ever imagined. Gotta admit I'm surprised... but not that surprised. 

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