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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pig Arpaio Facing Criminal Contempt Charge

Arch Nemesis Joe 'PIG' Arpaio is finally getting a taste of his just desserts! It may not be anywhere near what the son-of-a-bitch deserves, but hopefully it is something. 

The self-proclaimed "world's toughest sheriff" is facing a criminal contempt charge. The criminal complaint was filed as a result of years of Arpaio thumbing his nose at a judge's order that he NOT use racial profiling to detain suspected undocumented residents. Never mind the fact that immigration enforcement is not the job of local/state police anyways. Pig Arpaio's trail date to answer the contempt charge had been set for December 16th 2016. However, a U.S. District judge granted the disgraced sheriff's request for a postponement, citing more time to prepare his case. As of now, no new trial date has been set, but when that happen's I'll be right on it. 

Meanwhile, Old Pig Joe lost his bid for re-election to a seventh term in AZ. His challenger was Paul Penzone, a retired Phoenix police sergeant. Penzone beat Arpaio 55 - 45% to become Maricopa County's new sheriff. Not yet sure how awful or alright sheriff-elect Penzone is, but no one can be as horrendous as Pig Arpaio! So, that's one little bright spot in this otherwise, god-awful shitstain of an election. Latino citizens of Maricopa Co. have at least this one thing to rejoice.  

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