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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mistrial For Confederate Flag-wearing Killer Cop

The Cincinnati, OH cop responsible for the murder of Samuel Dubose last July got off lucky, it seems. Pig Raymond Tensing, formerly of the University of Cincinnati Police Gestapo (UCPG) had pulled over DuBose, a Black motorist, on July 19th last year for allegedly not having a front license plate. What had been a mundane, bare basic traffic stop quickly turned into a homicide when Tensing (White) needlessly escalated the situation. Fearing for his life, DuBose turned on the ignition of his car. Within .0003 seconds, Tensing shot DuBose in the head while still in his car, still strapped in the seat belt. DuBose was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 43 years old.

This brazen act of murder cost Tensing (33 at the time) his job (a rare thing to happen to a White cop who kills a Black citizen). It also caught the disgraced officer charges of criminal murder and voluntary manslaughter (even more rare). On Friday November 11th 2016, the conclusion of Tensing's murder trial had a more typical outcome: mistrial. After over 25 hours of deliberations, the jury of ten lowdown Whites and two Blacks was hopelessly deadlocked on delivering a verdict, according to reports. District attorney Joe Deters of Hamilton County, OH now has until Nov. 28th to either refile the charges or drop the case all together. Meanwhile, killer cop Tensing remains on $1 million dollars bail - paid for with donations by racist peckerwood cop supporters. 

Since Sam DuBose's murder last year, it has also been revealed that Ray Tensing was wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it. He was wearing this shirt under his uniform when he gunned down DuBose. A damning detail that came out during pre-trial discovery, it really does demonstrate just what loathsome, racist, prejudice pieces-of-shit these cops truly are. Unfortunately, the additional evidence still was not enough to secure a unanimous guilty verdict (too many goddamned Whites on that jury). Since it is not yet over, we'll stick with this case until there is a final outcome to report...

Killed By Police. Sam DuBose was number 658.          

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