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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pig Who Taunted Anti-Trump Rally w/ Confederate Flag Suspended

In more rebel flag-related news, a Michigan cop is under investigation for menacing activists at an anti-Trump rally. Michael Peters, a 18-year gang member of the Traverse City Police Gestapo (TCPG) in Traverse City, MI had driven to an anti-Trump rally on Friday November 11th 2016. Peters, who's White, circled the rally with a huge confederate flag mounted to the back of his pick-up. He then parked and drank a beer in close proximity of demonstrators. The clear intend was harassment and terrorist intimidation. 

Officer Michael Peters - Trump-loving bitch!

The redneck Trumptard cop was off duty at the time. The incident has since gotten Pig Peters suspended with pay, and under investigation for violating the police regime's "code of conduct". Ever the coward though, Peters has also since resigned his position at the TC police regime. He remains under investigation. 

It's worth noting that White Supremacist hate crimes and acts of intimidation have seen a sharp and predictable increase since Trump's electoral theft. This was predicted months in advance, as Trump has closely aligned himself with the shit-stained Alt-Right movement. It is more important than ever that those under threat stay vigilant and ARMED! Lock and load... because the situation in this country - fucked up as it's always been - is about to get much worse! Your life depends on it. 

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