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Monday, November 7, 2016

Trump & Clinton: Both Are MONSTERS!


So basically we have a "choice" between a megalomaniacal, sociopathic, racist billionaire tyrant... and a megalomaniacal, sociopathic, racist billionaire tyrant. WAIT, which is which?! Yeah hard to tell, isn't it? This is our "choice". Ok, I'm being a tad disingenuous, I must admit. We have a few choices, actually. We can also vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Independent Party candidate Evan McMullin, Transhumanist Party candidate Zoltan Istvan, and Socialist candidate Gloria La Riva. Some of these names may be long familiar with you (if you at all follow progressive politics, you'll know Stein). But you'd be forgiven if you didn't know some of the other names. Fact is, this dying naked empire has long been ruled by a two-party system (more like a two-headed dragon) that shuts out all other political parties and all opposition. Technically, you can "choose" to vote for multiple candidates this year (not every candidate gets to appear on the ballot in every state. Here in Oregon, you won't see McMullin, Istvan, or La Riva as presidential runners). You can even choose to stay home, throw your ballot away, opt out of voting for the next president/CEO, or focus on local/state races and ballot measures instead. 

But let's be serious here, there isn't much of a choice... not really. You get to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One promises a protracted civil/race war and the other promises nuclear fallout with Russia. This election is like someone holding a gun to your head and telling you which poison to take. And all you can think of is which one might be less painful... or would it be better to just take the damned bullet? You can try and argue how one is somehow worse that the other, the fact is they BOTH are fucking horrible, and here's why: 


In 1989, Trump took out a full page ad in the New York Times, calling for NY state to re-institute the Death Penalty. For five Black and Latino youths who had been swept up in the notorious Central Park Jogger case at that time. Years later and in their 30's, the Central Park 5 have been completely exonerated. They had always been innocent, and Trump called for their EXECUTIONS. 

In 1996, during a speech in which she was supporting her husband's disastrous'94 crime bill, Hillary Clinton called Black youths "super predators", and said that they should be "brought to heel". Only this year did Hillary finally walk those statements back a little. But she never really owned up to nor apologized for what she said.


Trump's "tough talk" against illegal immigration is complete bullshit, once you realize he [had] his entire empire built with imported slave labor. Meanwhile, Hillary's husband also signed NAFTA, which went into effect in 1994. A horrendous "free-trade" pact that ruined the lives of millions of Mexican citizens, virtually over night. So, look at history. Notice how "illegal immigration" was never much of a hot-button issue in this country before 1994. And ever since '94 it's been a massive issue. Comes up every single election, without fail. Yet, with all of his hot air about "illegals", Trump has never addressed NAFTA in any way. That's because Trump himself has benefited handsomely from the Clinton's trade policies - which includes facilitating slave and sweatshop labor into America. 


Clinton and Trump both pay lip service to "fighting terrorism" and holding terrorist financiers accountable. This is also bullshit on both their parts. Trumps loves taking Saudi money when it benefits him. Even though Trump supposedly hates Muslims. Unless they are rich Muslims who will give him lots of money. Clinton for her part, has been bedding the Saudis for years. The Wahhabist Saudi empire has even financed her campaign, as well as the Clinton Foundation.       


It is no secret that while some of Trump's supporters are merely scared to death and misguided, many of them are violent White supremacists. Some have already taken actions in his name. Trump's base threatens an all-out civil/race war, over phony allegations that the elections are some how "rigged" against Trump. Clinton on the other hand, has never met an act of geo-political aggression she didn't like. From her support of Iraqi sanctions throughout the 1990's, to her vote [with Bush] to invade Iraq in 2003, to the complete dismantling of Libya, a Clinton regime guarantees more war, with almost no limits. Oh btw, she's also egging on a nuclear war with Russia. So, there's that... 


A staple requirement for ascending the U.S. presidency, is unquestionable, unwavering support of the bastard "state" of Israel. This is simply a matter of fact. Trump will have Israel's back, no matter what. While Shillary Clinton is and will always be the quintessential Zionist politician. 

Your only option here is to choose between two different monsters... who're much more alike than you know. Either way, this dying empire is fucked. We deserve this! 


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