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Saturday, March 21, 2015

SanFran Cops Caught in Racist Text Scandal

What further proof does one need that all, ALL cops are fucking scumbags? Maybe not every cop is gunning down someone, or choking someone out, or beating, raping, arresting someone unjustly. But for every tyrant piece-of-shit cop out there who does commit violent heinous crimes against the citizenry, there are ten to twenty who are simply foul human beings, and carry their foul behavior over into their line of work. It is these lowlife, wretched cops who keep the 'Blue Wall Of Silence' fortified - not just those "few" bad actors. 

For every terrorist cop who kills or beats someone down, there are dozens who can be counted upon to look the other way and keep their mouths shut... except when it comes to sending racist and homophobic texts, then these pigs are full of talk! 

Several gang members of the San Francisco Police Gestapo (SFPG) have been caught up in a scandal involving the sending and receiving of racist and homophobic text messages, while on duty. It all had begun with the disgraceful downfall of one sergeant over something completely different. From there, the case expanded into the text scandal in which multiple cops had been implicated. Former SF sergeant Ian Furminger had recently been convicted on federal conspiracy charges. He also robbed street level drug dealers in his spare time. As part of the investigation into Furminger's criminal activities, he was also subsequently revealed to have been the primary actor in a series of bigoted text messages. That investigation had initially implicated four other cops, in addition to Furminger. But soon after, it had expanded to include as many as ten suspect cops. On Tuesday March 17th 2015, SF District Attorney George Gascon had announced a review of over 100,000 convictions for "potential bias". The entire SF Terrorist Police regime is now under scrutiny, thanks to one rotten apple. Except it has always been far more than just one, hasn't it? 

Former SF sergeant/now convicted felon Ian Furminger seen here, looking as miserable as ever. That's what he gets for being a piece-of-shit!

One of the numerous texts passed amongst SF cops. As part court documents, these texts are now available to the public. 

Meanwhile, in the wake of the SF Police Terrorist regime's texting scandal (textgate), one of the dirtbag cops implicated has taken the easy way out, and resigned. Officer Michael Robison, a 23 year veteran of the SF police, turned in his resignation, as confirmed by his lawyer on Wednesday March 18th 2014. Robison had been one of the four other cops accused in the initial texting scandal. According to reports, Robison had knowledge that he was about to face termination, so decided to take the chickenshit way out instead. Typical. In addition to Robison and (convicted felon) Furminger, the names of the other three cops implicated in the initial text scandal are as follows:

Officer Michael Celis
Officer Rain Daugherty 
Officer Noel Schwab

These other three cops are apparently still trying to hang on to their sorry-ass jobs. As for Furminger, the disgraced former sergeant is expected to surrender himself to authorities in early April, to begin serving a three year five month prison sentence. GOOD! It would be nice if these goddamned cops were actually made to do prison time for MURDERING innocent people. But whatever it takes. Of interesting note, it is worth mentioning that officer Robison is also openly Gay. Robison, who's 46, first joined the SF Police Terrorist regime in 1992, as an openly queer cop. The more naive amongst us might be inclined to think that an out-of-the-closer queer cop might be just a bit empathetic to those who have traditionally bore the brunt of police vitriol and violence - which certainly includes queer positive folks. However, one may quickly remember that an African American cop cannot be counted upon to be any kinder to his fellow Black citizens, any more so than his White comrades. So often in fact, that Black cops prove to be even more vicious towards citizens with similar complexions. And while female cops are generally a bit more humane than their male counterparts (female cops having rarely been involved in violent beatings and killings of unarmed persons. Involvement in police sexual assaults of innocent persons being statistically nonexistent for the lady cop), the truth is, they too are willing participants in an authoritarian system which inflicts terror and death in the guise of "law enforcement" upon defenseless people. THEY TOO can be reliably counted upon to turn their heads and keep their mouths shut, whenever fellow officers do the very crimes that they [themselves] might not have quite the stomach for. 

It is called the 'Blue Wall Of Silence' for a reason, and there are very few exceptions to this. Those very few who dare to maintain their humanity, those very few who wouldn't keep their mouths shut, those very few who proved to be exceptional... they don't stay cops for long. See: Cariol Holloman-Horne. See: Christopher Dorner. It is, as one would say, the nature of the vile beast.    

YMCA: (now former) cop Michael Robison appearing on the front cover of the March 1998 edition of The Advocate, a widely distributed magazine which caters to an LGBT readership. 

This is just a few of the transcripts released, of the text messages that were swapped amongst various SF terrorist cops, including Furminger and Robison.

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