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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Confounding Case of Miriam Carey

 This one is BIZARRE, no doubt about it. This case is also infuriating and sketchy on every level. An innocent woman is dead. Her daughter is without a mother. No one has been held accountable. And this case remains shrouded in complicated mystery and unanswered questions. One common and tragically familiar thread here is that the victim is Black and the police who murdered her are all White (presumably). 

SO, nothing new there!

On October 3rd 2013 a 34 year old dental hygienist named Miriam Iris Carey was gunned down for seemingly no reason at all. The second of five sisters, Carey had grown up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. As an adult, she lived in Stanford, CONN. Her murder took place in Wasthington D.C. - quite possibly the most heavily fortified, monitored, and policed jurisdiction on Earth... outside of Israel. Several Secret Service agents and Capitol Police Gestapo (Metro police terrorists for the city of D.C.) fired a total of 26 bullets at Carey - extreme overkill, standard police method of death for People of Color. Carey was inside of her black Nissan Infiniti coupe when she was hit with five bullets - three in her back, one in her left arm, one in the back of her head. These wounds have been confirmed in her official autopsy report, which can be read HERE. Her [then] 13 month old daughter Erica was seated in, what had to have been a brightly colored and obvious child's car seat in the back. Clearly, this baby's life was of no concern to cops/agents on the scene, who seemingly went mad with rage. Carey's daughter was physically unharmed in the deadly police attack. One silver lining in this nauseating case, is that due to the girl's very young age at the time, it is hopeful that she will have escaped any memory (and accompanying PTSD) of seeing her mother die in a fusillade of bullets, shattering glass, and splattering blood. Even though Carey's death took place in Oct. 2013, there has been surprisingly (and suspiciously) little coverage of it. Especially compared to many other high-profile police murders, which had received (and continue to receive,) much more attention. When Carey was first murdered by SS agents and Capitol cops in such an incredibly public display, it apparently caused quite the stir for a couple of news cycles. Then... total media blackout. This case has largely come back to light now, due to her family's persistence, as well as a recent Democracy Now report. That report can be viewed HERE.
As mentioned earlier, for such a dramatic and public authoritarian murder, this case has received suspiciously little coverage. Excluding various opinion blogs and libertarian-leaning sites espousing all manner of ridiculous conspiracies (none of which will be repeated here in this blog), there are very few credible, mostly unbiased media outlets which have given this any attention at all. Even then most articles concerning this case date back to 2013, in the days and weeks after the incident. Much of the information in those early articles has since been proven incorrect, though proper follow-ups are also hard to come by. However, in addition to the Democracy Now coverage mentioned, the Washington Post has and article which came out in November 2014 - 13 months after Carey's mysterious death. the WP article is extremely comprehensive, corrects much of the initial disinformation, and asks many tough yet necessary questions, which remain unanswered to this day. That article can be read HERE. An article from The Root, posted back in September 2014, is of good quality as well and I also recommend it. That article can be read HERE. It also mentions other White House-related security breaches, in which the assailants in those cases had been arrested - not KILLED. One particular case cited, is that of Omar J. Gonzalez - a 42 year old Iraq war vet who suffered from PTSD. In Sept. 2014 Gonzalez jumped a gate, ran across the presidential lawn, and made it inside the White House - armed with a knife. Within minutes, he was subdued by security. A later search of Gonzales' vehicle turned up machetes, axes, and 800 rounds of ammunition. Gonzalez was arrested without further incident. He was NOT KILLED. By comparison, Miriam Carey seemed to have taken a wrong turn, breezed past a makeshift "barricade" that some plainclothes cop had set up, drove down a D.C. street at about 19 miles per hour in a 25 ml. per hour zone, before being blocked in by cops and SS agents, who then proceeded to riddle her car with bullets. NO regard to either the baby in the car, nor the public's safety had been given. NO orders for Carey to exit the car were ever given. NO attempt to take her into custody ALIVE were made. Obviously, president Obama's precious fucking life was nowhere near in danger, and the White House itself was not even within eyesight of the spot where authorities murdered Carey. She was unarmed and had never been arrested. That autopsy report turned up no presence of narcotics nor alcohol in her system. Many have questioned Carey's apparent mental state at the time, citing a documented bout of postpartum depression, as well as earlier reports of police encounters. Reports which have never been verified, and are largely on the word of Eric Francis - Carey's then boyfriend and father to Erica. But none of this adds up, as the WP article points out. The woman was well-educated and held down two jobs - a dental practice in Ardsley, NY where she last clocked out on Wed. Oct. 2nd 2013. Her other job was also a dental practice in the Bronx, which she had been scheduled to work on Sat. Oct. 5th. She lived in an up-scale condo in Stamford, CONN with her daughter (the child's father, Francis, also reportedly lived at this residence until some months prior). A single mother who commuted more than 20 miles to work in two different cities every week - doesn't sound crazy to me! Also, her 13 month old daughter was with her at the very moment she died, so Carey was hardly on some suicide mission.

It sounds and looks like Carey took an honest wrong turn down some high-security area, turned around, tried to leave, and than panicked (likely out of fear for her child) when cops began jumping in front of her car with weapons drawn, all of a sudden. As mentioned before, they were all plain-clothed and never announced themselves as law enforcement. So in all certainty, Carey was scared to death and understandably so.

Carey's funeral was held on October 15th 2013 in NYC. Carey's family filed a law suit against both the Capitol police and SS in July 2014. Erica is currently living with her father, who has many questions of his own to answer... but he demands to be paid to give info. Carey's mother and surviving sisters are currently in a custody battle against Francis for the child, now three years old. The SS agents and Metro officers involved in Carey's murder have yet to be publicly identified - and likely never will be. A year and a half later, many puzzling questions still remain. One of those questions, is whether Black lives really DO matter. The answer to that one remains elusive...                 

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